NAIS AC online community is about to open

The 2011 Annual Conference online community is open. It is exciting to see this community come together. This year’s collection of sites is an extension of the community that formed during the 2010 Annual Conference and should provide a unique experience for all who participate.  As you explore, feel free to create accounts as needed and start interacting in the spaces provided. If you act on this post, you will be one of the first to enter the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference online community. Make your mark:

  • Post some tweets
  • Add some resources to the Diigo Group
  • Write on the Wall in Facebook
  • Start a conversation in Diigo
  • Start a conversation in Facebook Boxes
  • Bookmark the Netvibes Dashboard for NAIS AC 2011
  • Leave a comment on this blog about your experience
  • Explore the wisdom of last year’s community
  • Help bring the space to life and make is Your Space

About bigenhoc

Chris Bigenho is the Director of Educational Technology at Greenhill School in Dallas, Texas. He received his PhD in educational computing from the University of North Texas and his Masters in educational technology from Pepperdine University. As an independent researcher, his research interests include emerging technologies in learning environments, the cognitive aspects of technology in learning environments with a specific focus on dual-tasking and cognitive load. He also works in the fields of games for learning, and self-regulatory practices for learning. Chris owns an educational consulting practice and is a frequent speaker and presenter on the topics of education and technology. He has spoken at schools and conferences across the United States and South America. Feel free to look through my portfolio, as it will give you a sense of my background. Portfolio: Short Story: Living Life in the Renaissance Blog:
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