Introducing the NAIS 2011 Annual Conference Online Community

WELCOME to the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference Community!

If you are attending the 2011 NAIS conference in National Harbor MD next month or wish you could attend, take a moment to learn about the Online Community that was created to help focus conversations around the conference group and themes. You can learn more about this unique opportunity at

FRONT DOOR: The “Front Door” to the community is through this blog ( Here you will find a wealth of resources shared over the life of this community. Many items will come from events at the conference as well as links back to postings from any member of the community. You are encouraged to share your best ideas on your personal blog then send a link with a lead (first 2-3 sentences) of your post to the community email at Everyone can participate in the community blog as you are all ENCOURAGED to post comments to any and all posts throughout the community site. Add your thoughts and experiences based on posts within the community- engage in the discourse that can lead to greater understanding for all in this community. Additionally, there are many links in this community for you to explore. Better still, the links and resources will grow and change daily as you bring this space to life.

NAIS AC 2011 Online Community Dashboard

COMMUNITY DASHBOARD: You can also monitor all activity in the community through the community dashboard at: This is a unique space where you can monitor all aspects of the community including all community sites as well as preselected Twitter feeds and some of the featured speakers online digital footprints.

TWITTER: For those who Tweet or would like to explore Twitter, the conference hashtag is #naisac11. You can use an aggregator of your choice to follow the “back channel” conversations and tap into the wealth of information that moves through the Internet 140 characters at a time.

NAISAC11 TWITTER ACCOUNT ( You will also want to follow the NAIS Twitter account which is @naisac11. Information about the conference and the conference community will be posted from this account. You will also become part of the community twitter list for naisac11 when you follow @naisac11. This list is not just for those in attendance. If you are following from afar, you will also want to follow @naisac11 and be added to the community Twitter list for this year’s conference.

#NAISAC11 TWITTER ARCHIVE( An archive has been set up to capture all tweets sent with the #naisac11 hashtag. This will allow the community to return to all of these tweets at a later date and review the wealth of information shared through these short communications.

DIIGO GROUP: Diigo is an online social bookmarking site. This can be a powerful feature of the community. As you find resources, articles and artifacts on the Internet that you feel would be of interest to the community, save them to your Diigo account and post them to the nais ac 2011 Diigo community ( You will need to set up a Diigo account first then join the naisac11 diigo community. When you join the community, you will automatically subscribe to a daily email digest of any activity in the community over the past 24 hours. This feature can be adjusted from no digest to weekly and monthly. However, the daily will give you the best interaction with the community. Anyone who is a member of the group can post items to the community.

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL BLOGROLL: Back by popular demand, the new and improved independent school blogroll is up and running. Here you will find a list of independent school bloggers listed both alphabetically and by job function. This makes it easy to follow the writings and thinking of many in the community and tap into the collective wisdom that makes this community so strong. You can find this blog roll linked off of the “Front Door” of the community

THE DAILY FIND: This was a highly successful post to the community each day and multiple times during the actual conference where highlights from the community, conference and blogosphere can be shared. This will be posted to the main blog site for the community

Finally…Additional features will be added and announced as the community comes to life during the lead up to the conference and beyond. So take some time NOW and start exploring and interacting in the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference Online Community. We will see you online and hope to see many of you in National Harbor for the main attraction.

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