Invitation to join the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference Online Community

Please distribute this 2011 Annual Conference Online Community Invitation to your community so that all who wish to participate in this experience over the next several months might have the opportunity.

NAIS 2011 Annual Conference Online Community

It is mid-January and that means that the NAIS Annual Conference is just around the corner. This year, many independent school educators will be gathering in National Harbor just outside of Washington D.C. In an effort to extend the conversation on both ends of the conference and to include many in the conversation who were not able to attend, NAIS has set up an online community that is focused around the Annual Conference and topics of interest to independent school educators. This community is designed with a limited life span in mind and it not intended to replace any existing online communities. Building on the wildly successful online community of 2010, this year’s online Annual Conference community seeks to extend that success into another unique experience for all who choose to participate.

This year’s community is created out of the social fabric that makes up the dynamic spaces we know as today’s Internet. The community space has many features and a diversity of ways to participate. There should be a little something for everyone interested in attending and following events and reflections flowing from the participants in the conference and community.

We encourage you to stretch a little this year and experience new ways of communicating with your peers. This year’s community provides a unique opportunity to explore many aspects of communicating through social media and promises to be an informative experience. You are encouraged to explore the space (information provided below) and start with the tools and spaces where you are most comfortable. Then stretch yourself by either passively or actively exploring one or two other tools in the community.

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