The Daily Find- Jan. 15, 2011

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The new 2011 NAIS Annual Conference Online Community opened yesterday and is here for your enjoyment and professional growth. The community is designed around a single event and as such, will have a limited life span. While there are many communities that exist today where we all participate, this community is unique in that it is woven out of the social fabric of the web and allows many different ways to participate. It is also unique in that is taps into existing community structures and allows for easy participation in this temporary space.  This year’s community was designed around the wildly successful design from the 2010 community. To get a sense of just how the 2010 community worked, take a look at the visualization of the 2010 community. Here you will find a look at last year by the numbers as well as a few ways to visualize the distributed community.

Today, The Daily Find will focus on the Twitter side of this new community. For those new to Twitter, here is a little video from Common Craft that will introduce you to the “140 character message”- Twitter in Plain English.

There are many different ways you can participate in the 2011 NAIS Twitter Community. The first is to simply watch the live Twitter streams for this year’s community. This is easily done by using the 2011 Community Dashboard.

NAIS AC 2011 Online Community Dashboard

Here you will find a tab for Twitter Feeds related to this year’s community. Each feed represents a different view of the community. Therefore, you will find that some feeds will have information in common while each also supplies information that is unique to that view. This is representative of the different ways members are interacting with Twitter in the community space.

Another way to follow the Twitter feeds of the community is to subscribe to the two Community Daily Twitter News Digests. These are daily papers that are created each day where stories, resources and tweets shared across the community are aggregated and presented in an easy to read newspaper format. Simply visit these pages each day and you will get the latest wisdom from the community shared through Twitter. You can also subscribe to these papers which will make it easier to follow when they have been updated. The publishing cycle for these news digests is every 24 hours.

So, welcome to…

Beyond simply following the streams, you can choose to follow along by subscribing to specific feeds. This is a natural path to setting up your personal Twitter account and joining in the conversation.

Here is a simple path to joining the NAIS 2011 Online Community conversation through Twitter.

  1. Don’t have a Twitter account? Set one up at It is Free!
  2. Send your first tweet (140 characters) and say Hi to the #naisac11 community. You can do this by simply typing your message in the big box at the top of the screen. When you include the hashtag #naisac11, the message can be indexed and will be included in one of the NAIS online community twitter feeds which means other community members can find your tweet.
  3. Now that you have an account, you will want to add some followers. Start with the @naisac11 account. This will give you community and conference updates. Simply go to!/naisac11 and click FOLLOW.
  4. Now that you are at the official online community account for community information, you will want to add the NAISAC11 Community List. By following this list, you will be able to easily follow the tweets from members of the community as they are aggregated in this list. Simply go to!/naisac11/community-2 and click FOLLOW. Now that you are a member of the Community List, any tweet you send will also be easily available to the NAIS community including those that don’t use the #naisac11 tag. This means that you will increase your ability to learn from the community as you will then be reaching beyond just the immediate community experience.
  5. As you follow, you will start to see how Twitter is used and begin to learn the norms that a part of any community. Yes, you will find a lot of strange words and symbols at first but don’t worry, this is normal and you will quickly learn through immersion. Don’t be afraid of mistakes as they are the only way we really learn. Pick up your smartphone or computer and take the steps to send your next tweet.

Now that you are up to speed on how you can participate in the Twitter activity through the community, here is what members of the community said and offered through Twitter yesterday.

Sarah Hanawald @sarahhanawald
Is learning a sport?


Susan Carter Morgan @scmorgan
Making transparency concrete


Write your fears to help prevent failure


Teaching Blogging Not Blogs


Karen Blumberg
Snap Happy


Chris Bigenho

200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes


Alex Ragone

App Suggestions- Middle school student user group


Josie Holford

Put the kibosh on classroom competition


Mike Gwaltney

A culture of testing


Mike Gwaltney

What should be the first topic of #isedchat?


Jonathan Martin @JonathanEMartin
Gaming can make a better World and a better school?

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