The Daily Find: January 17, 2011

NOTICE: Want to leave a message about lessons learned from this issue? Use the Wall Wisher page that was set up for this issue at Simply follow this address and click on the page that opens. You can leave a sticky note with your message. So, take a moment and leave a note about what you found interesting in today’s collection. You may also leave messages in the COMMENTS field at the bottom of this post.

NAISAC11Community on Twitter

At this time, there are two Daily papers being produced from content shared through the NAISAC11 Community. One comes from content shared by @naisac11 and those that account follows. The other comes from the naisac11 List. As we get closer to the conference, a third paper will be produced which will come from content that has the #naisac11 tag. Below are the first few issues of each of these papers. They are full of resources and are well worth exploring. They are also a great example of how Twitter can reach far beyond the typical “status update” and become a viable part of your personal learning environment. Take a few minutes and explore what members of this community have been sharing.

We recommend that you subscribe to each of these. They will have stories in common but will also supply unique resources. By subscribing, you will receive a daily email link to the latest edition of the paper. Subscription is easy. Just go to any of the issues below and click the Subscribe button near the upper right. You will enter your email and type some strange word (a captcha to make sure you are human and not machine). That is it. You will then get the latest sent directly to your inbox every 24 hours.

The naisac11 Daily

The NAIS Community Daily

Highlighted Tweets: Continuing with a sampling of resources from Twitter, the following stories were shared by #naisac11 members over the past two days.


Top 100 school administration blog list just published: Great, comprehensive list of a bunch of my new good friends!
Note from naisac11: look close and you will find Jonathan Martin listed in some incredible company. What a great example for others to follow!


Why Do We Teach Mandarin Chinese at@Sewickley Academy? #isedchat


@dwillard SimCity Deluxe for ipad… maybe this is what we need for next year for Environmental classes


Headed to “But Does it Work? Debating an Independent Curriculum” today. Anyone else going?
Note from naisac11: This looks like an interesting group and conference. If you have been before or have worked with this group, share your thoughts with the community by commenting below or writing on the wishing wall (link above).


5 New Paradigms for a Socially Engaged Company


RT @sleslie: RT @TonySearl: on Measurable Outcomes #LAK11 Gates foundation, charters, outcomes, accountability, big …

Note from naisac11: this is a Retweet by one of our keynote speakers- Anya Kamenetz. This means that Anya found this piece posted by another individual interesting enough to pass along to others through her Twitter account. You can learn more about Anya from the NAIS site or take a sneak peek at her latest project DIYU at


8th grader knocks Angry Birds out of top free spot on App Store #educacion #teacher #edchat#isedchat

There are many more gems in the community issues already published. Please take a moment and see how powerful Twitter can be for personal learning. Make a commitment to subscribe to one or both of these lists then read them daily. Do this for a week then take the next step and setup your own personal Twitter account and add your wisdom to the community.

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