The Daily Find: January 18, 2011

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NAISAC11: Introducing Anya Kamenetz

As we lead up to the conference, we will introduce you to some of the featured and general session speakers as well as some of the workshop sessions that will be available at this year’s Annual Conference. Since you have already seen several Tweets by one of this year’s general session speakers- Anya Kamenetz, she will be the first to be introduced to you. Take a look at the following post which includes information from the NAIS Conference site as well as additional links where you can learn more about this engaging individual. Mark your calendars and we hope to see you at this session. Now, Introducing Anya Kamenetz

Jason Ramsden
First ISEDCHAT this Thursday

Based on the popular #edchat weekly discussion on twitter, a group of independent school educators is starting #isedchat in order to have weekly conversations surrounding teaching and learning in independent schools in the 21st century. Slated to begin on Thursday, January 20th at 7:00 p.m. EST, the chat will offer a weekly twitter poll to determine each week’s topic. To stay abreast of what other independent school leaders and thinkers are contemplating join us for #isedchat each week and follow the #isedchat hashtag here

Jonathan Martin
Crowd accelerated innovation: TED, Web-video, and implications for innovative educaiton

Perhaps my greatest professional passion these days is promoting innovative schools cultures, and particularly ones which facilitate our students in becoming innovators.   So I am especially taken with a new article in Wired Magazine (January 2011), by TED founder Chris Anderson, on “How Crowd Accelerated Innovation Can Change the World.”[MORE…]

Mark Crotty
Talent and learning to be

In a recent post I wrote that education is the process of “learning to be. It’s an enculturation as we slowly grasp how things operate within communities of practice. In time we discover ourselves and our place within those communities.” This development is crucial as a young person discovers her or his talent(s) on the path to maximizing the potential [MORE…]

Teresa DeFlitch
SEQ and K-12…it’s about solving problems, not generating ideas

A recent Huffington Post article claimed that more and more students pursuing business degrees are doing so with the non-profit sector in mind. It’s true. Social entrepreneurship is booming with Foundations such as Skoll and Ashoka and organizations such as Echoing Green leading the way. According to NPR, 500 professors are teaching courses on the subject worldwide. Despite buzzword status[MORE…]



The NAISAC11 Daily for January 18, 2011

Anya Kamenetz
getting girls involved in computing:

Pat Bassett @PatBassett
HBR (12/10) Branding in the Digital Age: “The single most powerful impetus to buy is someone else’s advocacy.” Are you using social media?

Connected Principals: “What Are You Doing For Others?” #edleaders#isedchat

RT @brainbits: Thanks to @ccpryor I stumbled upon w/reference to Visible Thinking -an approach …

Students use math to solve mock crimes: Is your school trying anything like this? #mathchat #edchat

RT @TeachHub: Learn how to create 1:1 classrooms and develop connected learning communities

Please add your opinion? What IS The Role Of Social Media In Education? #isedchat #edchat #edtech

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