Preconference Challenge: Teach Us Something Video Challenge

As we lead up to the conference, I want to put a challenge out there for the online community. In the spirit of a distributed community, what can you teach the distributed members through video? Here is the challenge.

  1. Think of something that you believe would be of interest or value to the community and that could be taught in a short video (less than 10 minutes).
  2. Create the short video using any means you have at your disposal. If you don’t have any resources, you might look at the list at the end of this post.
  3. Post the video on Youtube or another video sharing site and share the link to your video through the comment box of this post. You can also Tweet your video location with the tag #naisac11. Additionally, you may send a link to
  4. Optional: create a blog post and link your video to your post then share the link with the world including #naisac11 (
  5. Sit back and see what you can learn from members of the community through this challenge.
  6. All videos shared with #naisac11 will be featured on the community sites for others to easily find in the future.

That’s it. It could not be simpler. Don’t worry if have never made a video before or that you don’t have video software. This is not about being the next Spielberg. It is about learning something new and sharing your wisdom with the community. As for the software, there are many you can use that are web-based (see below). There are no limits on topics so don’t feel it has to be technology based. It is my hope that this will be a fun and unique opportunity for the community to learn through these unscripted mini presentations.

To help you with this concept, I have created an example and posted it on my personal blog (as I hope many of you will do as well). In this example, I share with you how you can use Google Translate to increase your understanding of global events. The video is just over 7 minutes and looks at how I used several tools to follow the mudslides in Brasil.

JayCut: This is a free fully online video editor. It is very easy to use and all of the editing is done remotely. This means that you could even produce your video with a netbook!

Screenr: this is a screen capture program that will allow you to capture video directly from your computer screen. This video can be a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) or anything you might be displaying at that moment. This is fully web based- record video directly to twitter!

Jing: This is like Screenr but is made by the same people who make Camtasia (commercial screen capture program).

Site with 30 Video Editing Tools (many online)

Of course, if you know of others, share them through the comment box at the bottom of this post.

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8 Responses to Preconference Challenge: Teach Us Something Video Challenge

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  3. Ok, I must admit this is a recycled preso video from a presentation I did last year at the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools Innovate Conference. But, I do feel the topic is important and would love to connect with more educators pursing the idea. Plus, someone has to get this party started! What is the idea? Well, I’m interested in the ability of social media tools to give a voice to quiet students (in particular girls in a high school science setting)…

    Have you heard from those quiet girls lately?

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  7. With so few responses to Mr. Bigenho’s gauntlet, I thought I’d make this last minute contribution regarding the fundamental attribution error and some of its pedagogical/social applications. I put this – my first video – together by myself so it’s a bit rough around the edges, but the content got there in the end. I hope it sparks some conversation, and I look forward to chatting with other educators about these ideas and more in DC…

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