The Daily Find: January 19, 2011

Preconference Challenge: Teach us something video challenge
As we lead up to the conference, I want to put a challenge out there for the online community. In the spirit of a distributed community, what can you teach the distributed members through video? Here is the challenge…[MORE}

Chris Bigenho
Following global events by translating global languages
Those who have followed my work over the past year or so know that I have an interest in global events. My past work with capturing and retelling the story behind the elections in Iran are just one example. Today, I want to share another way to get at global stories. While speaking other languages is a wonderful thing (I am working on my Spanish), there are many times when it would be nice to be able to read information in languages that…[MORE]

Steve Taffee
Is boredom bad?
Not necessarily. After all, boredom is (1) a part of the human condition, (2) a useful feedback mechanism for individuals to be aware of and to learn to harness, and (3) is ultimately alleviated only when individuals decide to re-engage. Let’s break this down. Any parent can tell you times when…[MORE]

Susan Carter Morgan
More Rules? I don’t think so
As more schools grapple with Acceptable Use Policies to fit more devices and situations, I like this approach from Traci Gardner, who remixed Michael Hyatt’s reasons businesses don’t need a social…[MORE]

Peter Gow
What is School
I’ve set myself a little exercise lately, to come up with very short lists of things that independent schools need to get over and that they need to be doing in order to insure their own sustainability. It’s fun to think about (especially if you sort of ignore the stakes, but that’s another story)….NAISAC11 NOTE: This is the beginning of a multipart post which we will break down into several issues. Here are the thesis and the first two “verses”.

These are just a sample of the tweets captured in today’s  edition of The NAISAC11 Daily

Peter Gow @pgow
Colleges brave enough to met the “new numbers” in admission?


RT @Montero: @anya1anya @skillshare Seen? New Numbers Show College Is a Learning-Free Environment #edu

danah boyd @zephoria is back from “email vacation” I must take one!- return bal to life #edchat #isedchat

Social Animal: How the new sciences of human nature can help make sense of a life.

First two years of college show small gains in learning #cck11 #edchat #isedchat

Cyberbullying – Internet Safety – Keeping Children Safer Online #isedchat #cyberbullying

9 Signs of a Non-Learning Organization #edleaders #isedchat

Looking for easy entry into video 30 Video Editing Software & Online Tools #isedchat #edchat #education #educacion

RT @patspapers: Pollution-Detecting T-Shirt

RT @timbuckteeth Social impact of disruptive tech (I’m leading a convo re: tech + learning next mo… yay for sharing!)

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