The Daily Find: January 24, 2011

NAISAC11 Online Community Dashboard.

NAIS AC 2011 Online Community Dashboard

Don’t Forget about the Community Dashboard where you can follow all of the action in the2011 NAIS Annual Conference Online Community. This is a great way to start to experience the community. As you follow the action, find a place of comfort and enter the conversation. This may mean setting up your own blog, creating a Twitter Account and sending your first tweet or simply posting a comment on the community blog.


Our First Video Challenge Submission
Heard from those quiet girls lately?
By Derrick Willard
“I’m interested in the ability of social media tools to give a voice to quiet students (in particular girls in a high school science setting)…”Have you heard from those quiet girls lately? [MORE]

For more on the Preconference Video ChallengeWhat will you teach the community through the use of a short instructional video?


Peter Gow
What is School [Continued]
This is a continuation of a journey started by Peter: What is school? If you missed the start of this thoughtful journey, check out TDF January 19, 2011.

Linda Vasu
Innovation. Leadership. Thinking Dispositions.
I’ve been thinking about innovation, and unpacking the meaning of this oft-used word.  Is it a mindset, an activity, a work ethic? Or is it a thinking disposition? Perkins, Jay and Tishman suggest that a thinking disposition is composed of three elements: abilities, sensitivities, inclinations. We can recognize that innovation has much to do with the…[MORE]

Mark Crotty
Not by Book or by Nook, but by…

In a previous post titled “Reading—By Book or by Nook or By..?”, I wrote about my not owning an e-reader. I had some good reasons. Note the verb tense. I had good reasons. Now I am the owner of a latest generation Kindle. While some of the concerns remain, one simple factor influenced the decision. My book bill. I realized that I could pay for the device rather quickly just in what I would save by purchasing e-editions. I also like the idea of being able to have numerous…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Anticipating the NAIS Annual Conference: 4 Sessions I am participating in…
The Annual Conference of the National Association of Independent Schools is just one month away, next February 23-25 in Washington DC’s National Harbor Convention Center. This will be my  eleventh attendance at an annual conference.   Two years ago, in Chicago,  I was thrilled to be an “official blogger” for the AC; last year I contributed many posts to Chris Bigenho’s AC online community, which is a terrific resource and highly recommended. However, I have never before presented at NAIS AC; somewhat to my surprise I find myself…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Testing for Learning: Valuing testing in 21st century learning
Sometimes I think I can be so bizarre in my educational views, or maybe it is just that I am unable to make choices– I love so many things about school. I can have a hard time making tough choices when people present to me what they believe must be ideological or philosophical or pedagogical either/or options; instead I seek the both/and. So here I go again.  Regular readers here know of my passion for PBL, project based learning, and I am so impressed and energized by what I see in PBL  in schools like High Tech High and…[MORE]


TWITTER: Tweets from the NAISAC11 Community
Read both of these papers to see the latest tweets from the community.

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