The Daily Find: January 26, 2011


Wall Wisher Pages
The first two issues of The Daily Find had their own Wall Wisher pages attached. However, it seems it might be better to collect thoughts over the lead up to the conference on a single page. Therefore, the NAISAC11 Wall Wisher Page for the Online Community is now open. It is very easy to use. Simply follow the link to the NAISAC11 Wall Wisher page, double click the page and add your sticky note. This will be a fun way to quickly share your thoughts with the community.

Learn more about some of the optional 3-hour workshops. You will not want to miss today’s feature…

Wednesday, February 23rd
1:00—4:00 pm
Session Code: W5
Crafting Public Purpose Partnerships
This is a three hour optional workshop that will take place on Wednesday and promises to provide a unique opportunity to hear from four individuals representing four different organizations and their partnerships. LEARN MORE about this fascinating session- Explore the presenters and get a sample of what one group will present through a virtual tour of a learning space in Second Life and the Second Life Blacksmith class. Intrigued…? Trust me, you will want to CHECK THIS OUT…Below is a little preview of what you will find when you VISIT Crafting Public Purpose Partnerships


Peter Gow
What is a school? [Continued]
The journey continues as Peter adds two more verses then takes an intermission to reflect. Take a moment and reflect with Peter and the community. What does all this mean? Add your thoughts to the Community Wall Wisher Page

Bernadette Roche
Wiki Wiki What?- A view into our Technology Classes
Oakhill Day School Technology Department has a wiki allowing the community to access lesson plans, links, and student work featured on the Student Showcase page. Since wikis are interactive, our students are looking forward to receiving feedback on their work. You do not need to be a member of our wiki in order to comment on what we are doing. Simply go to the Student Showcase and view some of the projects our students have created. To leave a…[MORE]

Richard Kassissieh
Saturday is for funerals
In preparation for our service trip to Botswana, I recently readSaturday Is for Funerals. We continue to find resources perfectly matched to our trip objectives, including a guest speaker from the Cascade AIDS Project, a Peace Corps correspondence match, and now this book…[MORE]

Susan Carter Morgan
Mind over matter
Read this introduction then visit her blog as she leaves us with a question that would be great to ponder- Feel free to also leave ideas on the Wishing Wall

That phrase has been around for a while. I believe it, and this research helps cement that. I’m trying to take care of myself this year–focus on good eating, exercise, and meditation. I’ve had good luck with the first two: I am trying to eliminate sugar and processed foods; I am also starting Boot Camp next week. This isn’t just a new resolution. I do this periodically because it makes me feel better. But I struggle with the meditation, the mindful visualizations that are so important. The Cleveland Clinic lists these benefits to…[MORE]


The community continues to grow. The Community Daily is now drawing from the tweets by 141 people and the NAISAC11 Daily pulls from 135 different twitter accounts.

The NAISAC 11 Daily

The NAISAC11 Community Daily

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