The Daily Find: January 28, 2011


Community Wishing Wall
This is a place where you can post comments/ideas as post-it notes on the wall of the Internet in 160 characters or less. These can then be read by individuals who visit the page. Our first comment was posted today by “Norman”. Go to to see what Norman wishes for regarding this year’s conference. While you are there, feel free to add your own wishes, comments, reflections or ideas to the page. You will also see prompts to act on stories you read and experiences from the conference by posting on the wall. So…who will be the next to leave their mark on the community wall?

Meet two General Session speakers
Salman Khan
Salman Khan is the founder and faculty of Khan Academy – a one-man, open-education resource on the Internet. An instant Internet sensation and inspiration, Khan’s 1,400+ free educational videos on YouTube have been…[MORE]

Dan Heath
Dan Heath is coauthor, along with his brother Chip, of the book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die – a Business Week and New York Times bestseller now translated into 23 languages, including Thai, Arabic, and Lithuanian. Amazon.comreaders voted it one of the top 100 books of 2007, and Amazon editors named it the #2 business book of the year. Heath’s latest…[MORE]

[NAISAC11: Have you read Made to Stick? Post your short reflections and thoughts on the Community Wishing Wall.]


Peter Gow
A school is…( Verse 8 )
A school is a workplace whose product is personal experience and growth. Widget factories make widgets, and insurance companies sell and service policies. While the business wisdom of the moment would focus on the “people” aspect of these enterprises, in point of fact you can hold their products in your hand and see them at work. Schools are different. To have become a teacher or a…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Rethinking Education: The new Michael Wesch Video
As I’ve written before, Michael Wesch is among my very most important intellectual influences, and this new video is yet another important contribution to our thinking about how our intellectual world is changing and how education must be rethought. Some of the key ideas come toward the end of the video…[MORE]

[NAISAC11: What are your thoughts about Rethinking Education? Post your 160 character comment on the Community Wishing Wall.

Chris Bigenho
Following #Cairo #Egypt #Jan25 Today!
If you teach history (specifically World or Middle East), Social media is alive with information, links etc about events in Egypt as well as Tunisia. If you don’t have a Twitter account, use to search the Twitter stream. The following hash tags (#TAGS) work well in… Here is a small sample of some of the messages captured in just a few minutes. Remember, that…[MORE]

Richard Kassissieh
Catlin Gabel Computer Science
Andrew Merrill describes the high school’s computer science offerings. Project work and experiential learning are emphasized, Advanced Placement examinations deemphasized. 1) A yearlong introduction to computer programming.  I’m currently using…[MORE]

Steve Taffee
School Board: What is Boredom?
PART 1 OF 3: In what may possibly be the least surprising research finding ever, investigators report that students are bored.1 In a report from Indiana University, two-thirds of students responded that they are bored in class at least once…[MORE]


THE NAISAC11 DAILY (Collected from the tweets of 140 community members)

THE NAISAC11 COMMUNITY DAILY (Collected from tweets of 141 community members)

Highlighted Tweets from the Community

These are only a few of the tweets from the above issues of the Twitter Daily’s. Check them out to see what else you can find.

@Pat Bassett
As your income goes up, your empathy goes down. Social class and values implications for schools? See new research:

Anya Kamenetz (NAIS Conference Speaker)
RT @dougald: “Roll Your Own University” –@dkernohan is heading into exciting territory – cc @anya1anya

Best Educational Wikis of 2010 #naisac11 #isedchat#education #educacion #escolas #escuelas

5 Tips To A Better Private School Admission Interview

Connected Principals: “11 Ways Schools Can Be Relevant, Compelling and Effective in the Coming Transformational Yea”

Making an e-book textbook–so easy! via@edSocialMedia

RT @NMHS_Principal: Teaching about and preventing plagiarism w/ web 2.0 #edtech #isedchat

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