The Daily Find: January 31, 2011

Please take a moment and forward this information to your greater community so they can also participate in the wisdom of this great community and this unique way of learning. Don’t forget about all the different ways you can participate in the community as there are many things you can do to interact and learn from this experience. Finally, leave your short reflections on the Community Wishing Wall (160 characters or less) as you learn from the words and resources left behind by members of our community.

Lorri Carroll
I Flipped!
I had read about “reverse teaching” and the “flipped classroom” a while ago. Being an algebra teacher myself, Karl Fisch is one of those teachers I admire and love to learn from.  Check out Fisch Algebra 2010-11 and you will understand why.   And last week, after some discussion on Twitter about it, it piqued my interest again. With yet another snow day looming, I decided to…[MORE]

[NAISAC11 Comment: This post draws on the work of Salman Khan who is one of our general session speakers at this year’s conference. You can learn more about Salman Khan and the Khan Academy at this year’s conference. You may want to preview some of Salman Khan’s work before the conference.

Peter Gow
A School is… ( Verse 9 )
There’s a good deal of buzz these days (even here) about payments and services in lieu of taxes (the infamous PILOTs and SILOTs), charges and demands for services that communities are attempting to levy on independent schools and other nonprofits to meet growing budget gaps. We have to ask ourselves…[MORE]

The next two blog posts draw from the texts of Henry David Thoreau. The first by Linda Vasu looks at “Walking” and draws on the lessons of Thoreau as she examines her hopes for what students find in their reading. The second by Mark Crotty examines the demands placed on kids as he looks to a future screening of Race to Nowhere. All this as viewed from the lessons of Walden where Thoreau explains why he entered the woods. Both of these are well worth the read and hopefully, a short reflection on the wishing wall.

Linda Vasu
Un-schooling students. Liminality. Intelligence in the wild

Thoreau wrote in Walking , “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”  Delivered first as a lecture, then published in Atlantic in 1851, it is an impassioned plea for the pleasures of sauntering, a type of walking meditation that affords reflection, inquiry, and creative thinking. “Wildness” is my metaphor for learning. For thinking outside the box, off the…[MORE]

Mark Crotty
On Your Mark! Get Set!…
Henry David Thoreau explains towards the beginning of Walden, I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not….Why did Thoreau begin his little experiment? He had a pretty wide streak of civil disobedience running through him, but he wasn’t anti-social. In fact, while he craved…Imagine if he were suddenly transported to America 2011…[MORE]

Bill Fitzgerald
Notes from Educon session: Crowdsourcing the death of the textbook.
This post takes you on a short journey with Bill who presented this session at the 2011 Educon conference in Philadelphia. You can read his notes…[MORE]

Susan Carter Morgan
It it true? Am I programming forgetfulness?
I am listening to Opening to Our Lives with Jon Kabat-Zinn, a podcast about mindfulness tweeted by @micwalker this morning. But I am also writing this post. Kabat-Zinn asks: Can you hold this moment in awareness? No, I can’t. And I wonder if all this multi-tasking is having a profound effect on my memory. This weekend I attended…[MORE]

RT by @mattscully
Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school, by Mark Slouka
While this is not Matt’s blog, this was something that was shared by @kyle_kauffman on Twitter and then forwarded through a process known as “Re-Tweeting” or RT. The tweet read:

RT @kyle_kauffman: Insightful essay on balancing humanities with science and math in our schools (TinyURL)

The link provided in the tweet takes you to a dropbox with an essay that was published in a 2009 issue of Harpers Magazine- Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school by Mark Slouka. Sit back and enjoy an electronic version of this essay as posted on the Harper’s Magazine site.


The NAISAC11 Daily
(Collected from tweets of 141 community members)

The NAISAC11 Community Daily
(Collected from 142 community members from the Twitter List)

Featured Tweets

Reverse Instruction: Dan Pink and Karl’s “Fisch Flip”

The “Fisch Flip” post on ConnectedPrincipals: Transform teaching by reverse learning: #educon

First all-digital science textbook will be free| Wired Science
Thanks RT @dwarlick: Here is article on Wilson text book, #educon

I Flipped! Lorri’s Blog
Kudos to @lcarroll94 for a successful 1st “flip” of her Algebra class & her post about the success: #educon#isedchat

There are many more articles linked through the tweets from this community collection. Take a moment to explore each issue and post your reflections (160 characters or less) on the Community Wishing Wall.

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