The Daily Find: February 4, 2011


Experience the Snow Day Flip (Online Session Saturday Feb. 5)
With many schools bumping up against their limit of snow days and with almost two months of winter remaining, what can you do to prepare for the inevitable? Join us this Saturday to Experience the Snow Day Flip. Now, you don’t really need a snow day to explore these pedagogical approaches or technologies. This LIVE one hour interactive session will allow you to…[MORE]


Pat Bassett
Marketing Handbook: An Introduction
By assembling a pantheon of experts on marketing independent schools, NAIS has created a kind of Scouts’ Handbook that combines timeless concepts and new ones into a guide through the wilderness of messaging and marketing. Three of this book’s strongest themes are…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Celebrating the new NAIS Guide to Becoming a School of the Future
Congratulations and Kudos to the National Association of Independent Schools, its Commission on Accreditation, and its Schools of the Future Committee for their publication this winter of the new A Guide to Becoming a School of the Future.   The 60 page document, prepared by Robert Witt and Jean Orvis as lead authors, is an attractive, appealing guide and deserves reading by every independent school board and faculty. I’m enthusiastic about the guide’s Unifying Themes:…[MORE]

Richard Kassissieh
Will Online Education Transform Schools?
The rise of online schooling has gained much attention of late. 45 states (plus D.C.) have established virtual school programs (1). 495,000 students are enrolled in full or part-time online programs, 0.9% of the total national K-12 enrollment (1). Institutions such as Stanford University, the Oregon Virtual Education Center, and theOnline School for Girls have launched successfully and then grown quickly. Some wonder whether online schools will quickly replace place-based schools. I doubt it, based on the history of other…[MORE]

Matt Scully
Student Centered Learning Discussion[NAISAC11 Comment: a nice starting point for anyone who would like to join in conversations about Student Centered Learning]

Prepared the resources below for a conversation with NCAIS Master Teachers who are part of the 21st Century Teaching Academy. This program is a part of the NCAIS Virtual Initiative. Obviously not a comprehensive list, the resources below are just…[MORE]

Amanda Holliday
Digital Doom to Digital Dawn
Several nights last week I sat at my dining room table listening to the chatter of keys on my laptop watching my own hands type as if they were separate entities, uncontrolled and foreign. One hand emailed a parent, another instant messaged with a student, yet another entered grades into the grade book, while two more typed a handout for the next day’s class. As the clock crept on to midnight, my brain took to wandering even…[MORE]

Elisabeth Abarbanel
Simone Elkeles- a Great New Find for Me (and my students)!
Because my students recommended her books, I checked out three of Simone Elkeles’ books from my library this summer. First I read Perfect Chemistry, and I discovered it isperfect. It is a wonderful love story. Maybe predictable, maybe familiar, but a perfect summer page-turner, guaranteed to please…[MORE]

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The NAISAC11 Daily
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The NAISAC11 Community Daily
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