The Daily Find: February 8, 2011

Are you still looking for a 3 hour workshop on Wednesday February 23rd? Here are a few you might consider. Register for one of these sessions today.

W2. Anatomy of a Hostile Academic Environment Lawsuit: This Could Be Your School
Learn key strategies to protect your school from hostile academic environment claims due to harassment, discrimination, and other misconduct by a faculty member. Led by a lawyer and an educator who served as expert witnesses in a recent lawsuit on behalf of an independent school, this workshop gives a rare opportunity to learn from an actual case that went to trial involving conduct that was unknown to the school. These events could happen at any school. Learn how to be prepared.
PRESENTERS: David Wolowitz, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton Professional Association (NH); Douglas Dickson, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School (TX)

W3. Build a Strategic Start: New Trustee Selection, Orientation, and Training
Do you have the right people at your board table? When you bring on new trustees, do they hit the ground running? Do you maximize your trustees’ talents and resources? In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll explore best-practice methods for identifying and cultivating new trustees, providing them with a power-packed orientation, and structuring ongoing professional development geared to take the entire board to a new level of effectiveness.
PRESENTERS: Ginny Christensen, Strategy for Growth, LLC (PA); Linda Delaney, Sandy Spring Friends School (MD)

W5. Crafting Public Purpose Partnerships
Public purpose becomes common purpose when schools and individuals transcend boundaries of class, culture, roles, and physical location to engage fully with others. Four organizations will describe how their partnering models democratize access to learning, make the most of technology, and ultimately ensure the long-term sustainability of the partners and the communities they serve.
PRESENTERS: Barbara Kraus-Blackney, Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (PA); Holly Arida, Cranbrook Schools (MI); John Braman, United World College-USA (NM); Beth Casey, Middle Grades Partnership (MD); Timothy Fish, McDonogh School (MD) [MORE]

W9. Crisis Management 101: Implement an Effective Plan at Your School
Get an overview of a comprehensive crisis management plan, as implemented at Albuquerque Academy, and a series of case studies highlighting lessons learned from crises handled at other independent schools. This interactive, engaging workshop includes time for discussion and questions.
PRESENTERS: Jessie Barrie, Albuquerque Academy (NM); Jane Hulbert, The Jane Group (IL)

Snow Day Flip
We had our first community live session this past weekend where we looked at the philosophy, pedagogy and tools for flipping your classroom. You can read a SUMMARY OF KEY POINTS along with many resource links to get you started.

This session will be REPEATED Thursday February 17th at 8:00 pm EST | 7:00 pm CST | 6:00 pm MST | 5:00 pm PST. The class will start in WiZiQ at:


Linda Vasu
Education for thinking. Inquiry learning. Valuing knowing.
I met Deanna Kuhn in 2004.  I was on the founding leadership team of The School at Columbia, helping to shape a middle school culture and an innovative concept-based Cities and Civilizations curriculum, beginning in 5th grade with Varanasi and proceeding through all the great world civilizations to a…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Imagination and initiative: Harvard’s and Hiam’s advice for educating for innovation
We need not just educational innovation, but education for innovation.   Our problems are too great, and our global competitive challenges too significant, for us to feel successful unless we educate our students to be…[MORE]

Mark Crotty
On Educational Fomentation
For the past ten years or so, educational revolutionaries have relied on what seems an obvious truth: “The Internet changes everything!” For the ten years before that, technology in general. It really hasn’t, at least not in some very fundamental ways. That’s where most of these reformers miss the point…[MORE]

Peter Gow
A School is… ( Verse 11 )
A school is a legal and corporate entity whose structure, operations, and management must conform to legal and ethical standards of multiple jurisdictions. More nuts and bolts, but strangely the requirements that these jurisdictions place upon schools will necessarily have more than…[MORE]

Liz Davis
You’ve got to accentuate the positive…
My recent experience at Educon has lead to a lot of soul searching and thinking for me. We talk so much about change in education, new skills, things students and teachers and administrators need to do differently. And yes there are many things that need to change, should change, have to change. But there are…[MORE]

Susan Carter Morgan
Mapping the Curriculum: To what end?
A few years ago, my school started mapping our curriculum. I remember being somewhat frustrated because I wanted us to have the hard conversations first: what does it mean to be a good teacher? Why do we teach certain courses in a prescribed order? I wondered what purpose would be served by putting our existing curriculum online before those moments of discussion as to why we taught…[MORE]


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