REPEAT: Experience the Snow Day Flip

There have been several requests to repeat the LIVE ONLINE session looking at ways you can “Flip” your class. This interactive online  session explores the philosophy, pedagogical approaches and many tools that you can use to “Flip” your teaching. You can see a list of the key points and many resources from the first offering of this session. If you would like to EXPERIENCE aspects of this way of teaching and learning, join us Thursday February 17th in the evening for another interactive session.

When: February 17th (evening)
Time: 8:00 pm EST | 7:00 pm CST | 6:00 pm MST | 5:00 pm PST

With many schools bumping up against their limit of snow days and with almost two months of winter remaining, what can you do to prepare for the inevitable? Join us in the evening of February 17th to explore how you can “Flip” your classroom.

However, you don’t really need a snow day to explore these pedagogical approaches or technologies. This LIVE one hour interactive session will allow you to experience several different techniques and technologies for distributing the learning across time and space. Some of what may be shared includes: Khan Academy resources, WiZiQ, JayCut, Chatzy, Tinychat, EtherPad, Custom Youtube Players, possibilities with an LMS, and Google Public Documents. You will have a chance to briefly experience several tools and/or pedagogical approaches. This will also be a opportunity for several to share their experience flipping their classrooms.

To participate is very simple. Simply follow the link on Thursday February 17th and join the associated session. If you have a headphone microphone, please plug that in as well. And while not needed, webcams are also welcome and may come in handy. So…Join us Thursday February 17th for a repeat of “Experience the Snow Day Flip”.

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