The Daily Find: February 13, 2011

2011 Annual Conference is just around the corner
We are now 10 days from the start of the NAIS 2011 Annual Conference. Are you ready? Take a look around this community and see what your peers are writing about in their blogs and on Twitter. We invite you to join in the conversation in many ways. This can range from adding a comment to a blog post to submitting your own blog to be posted in the 2011 NAISAC Online Community….[MORE]

Ever wonder what educators tweet about? Check out the Twitter papers at the end of this post or explore the links on the right to the twitter feeds for this community. There are some real gems posted below.

Are you looking for some things to do as you lead up to this year’s conference? Consider some of the following:

Live Online Session: Experiencing the Snow Day Flip.
When: February 17th (evening)
Time: 8:00 pm EST | 7:00 pm CST | 6:00 pm MST | 5:00 pm PST

This is a live interactive online session where you can explore and experience different pedagogical techniques for distributed teaching as well as technologies that will help you facilitate your “flipped classroom”. With many schools bumping up against their limit of snow days and with almost two months of winter remaining, what can you do to prepare for the inevitable? Join us in the evening of February 17th to explore how you can “Flip” your classroom…[MORE]

Conference Wishing Wall
Post your preconference thoughts in short messages on the community wishing wall. Don’t know what a wishing wall is…this is your opportunity to test it out and explore it’s possibilities. Simply go to The Wall and let the community know what you are thinking.

Preconference Challenge: Teach Us Something Video Challenge
Challenge: As we lead up to the conference, I want to put a challenge out there for the online community. In the spirit of a distributed community, what can you teach the distributed members through video? Here is the challenge…[MORE]

Get Acquainted with This Year’s Speakers
Make the most of your time and experience at this year’s conference by reading up on some of the General Session and Featured Speakers you will meet. Below you will find several of these speakers highlighted with information to help you get to know them before you hear them at this year’s conference. Take the time to explore the amazing work of these individuals.

What do you hope for at this year’s conference?
Take a moment to write a blog post and submit it to the community through Twitter or through Don’t have a blog? No problem there. Simply send what you want to say in an email to and it will be included in the community reflections.


Jonathan Martin
The flipped classroom advances: Developments in reverse learning and instruction
Steven B. Johnson writes in Where Good Ideas Come From about the revolutionary power of social media such as Twitter to advance ideas and innovation in a myriad of fields, and it has been  fascinating to see this concept in action in the swift spread over the past six months of the practice of flipping classrooms,  which is also known as…[MORE]

Jason Kern
Reflections on our flipped Econ class
So we are about six weeks into our flipped economics class and I thought I would post some honest reflections. For the most part the class has gone very well. We have students listening to the podcasts, taking notes in the Google Doc, posting to their blogs and interacting in the discussions in…[MORE]

Shelley Krause
What we Bring
This year I brought a kind of double consciousness to EduCon. It was my second year of in-person attendance, and this time I wasn’t facilitating a conversation, so I was less nervous than I might have been the year before. This greater comfort level allowed me more time to reflect on what others might be experiencing, which in turn led me to put out a call for…[MORE]

Mark Crotty
Skidding Out
Last Saturday, having been cooped up four days because of a freak ice storm in Dallas, I ventured to the grocery store. The street from my neighborhood to the main thoroughfare is entirely shaded, so it remained a solid sheet of ice. As I waited to turn onto it, a woman drove by—talking on her phone. My daughter and I made some appropriately disparaging comments about the woman’s intelligence, and I made sure to…[MORE]

Lorri Carroll
#isedchat is born
Last Thursday at a CAIS (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools) Commission on Technology meeting, we had a discussion about Twitter and its impact on professional development….Driving home, the Twitter conversation popped back into my head. I thought about how much I have enjoyed Tuesday’s #edchat and wondered if there were such a thing for independent school tweeps.  So, when I got home, I hopped on and sent out a tweet inquiring about…[MORE]

Troy P. Roddy
Marketing your school beyond student : teacher ratios
I was reading a recent blog post, The Paradox of Our Success by Marc Frankel, in which independent schools are challenged to find “a whole new way of explaining our product; one that isn’t so connected with a high-cost method of production.” Mr. Frankel is referring to the increasingly less sustainable strategy of…[MORE]


The NAISAC11 Daily

The NAISAC11 Community Daily


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