The Daily Find: February 15, 2011


Experiencing the Snow Day Flip
Hearing a lot about flipping your classes? Join us this Thursday evening for a live interactive session where you can experience both pedagogical techniques and technologies that can help you teach in this blended and “flipped classroom. Session time and location:

When: February 17th (evening)
Time: 8:00 pm EST | 7:00 pm CST | 6:00 pm MST | 5:00 pm PST

More Information:


Richard Kassissieh
Collectives, not communities
Viewing social networks as collectives rather than communities may help us make sense of their place in schools . How can a person have 1,000 friends? Why do students spend so much time on Facebook? What is the nature of…[MORE]

Susan Carter Morgan
Why? Why Not?
An early morning brain dump: Why not….

  • eliminate grouping by grade levels. Let students move through outcomes and benchmarks at their own pace.
  • hire teachers year…[MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Synergistic knowledge and indigenous knowledge structures
Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to know something and the space where new knowledge is born. While this is not related to the little paper I am working on (my dissertation), it does make a great diversion and something that may have larger implications for teaching and learning across cultures and in classrooms everywhere…[MORE]

Mark Crotty
Polishing up on the golden rule
At least on paper, the Golden Rule is wonderfully simple: Treat others as you would like them to treat you. I’ve been thinking about this maxim quite a bit lately, mainly because we have been working through The Sermon on the Mount in our daily chapel services. Many cultures throughout history have had some version of…[MORE]

Troy Roddy
The educator’s golden rule—Does it exist?
One of the easiest pieces of advice I remember getting as a child was “The Golden Rule.”  You probably know it.  Basically, “The Golden Rule” states something along the lines of, “Treat other as you would want to be treated” or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  The curious thing about that advice is that as simple as it sounds, almost…[MORE]

Peter Gow
A school is… ( Verse 12 )
A school is a place whose environments must practically and aesthetically serve students and staff. When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect, but the profession fortunately dodged that bullet. It’s more than just as well, because every year the whole idea of designing spaces for a school becomes more complicated. Adding to the complication is the growing reality that…[MORE]

Larry Kahn
How I learned to stop worrying and love the conversation
My background, to condense many years into one sentence, is in music and information technology. When I transitioned in 1999 from working in the corporate IT world to working as a technology director for an independent school, schools at that time primarily saw technology as a tool to support their infrastructure (email, grading, school store, library, cafeteria, business office, etc). To enhance learning, the school where I worked employed…[MORE]

Steve Taffee
Apple 2, Education 1
I am somewhat bemused by the huge amount of interest being showered upon the iPad as an alternative to a laptop or netbook computer for use in schools contemplating an entrée into a 1-1 program, especially when the 1-1 program is defined in terms of a ratio of computers to children in a classroom, and not in terms of…[MORE]


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