Attending NAIS AC at National Harbor? Check In…Join the Fun

[Reposted by permission- Original post by Jason Ramsden]

If you are headed to Washington, D.C. for NAIS’ Annual Conference this week and are on Foursquare (or have yet to make the foray into it and want to check out how it works in a conference setting) the entire conference has been added to the system as noted here: (this will only return a partial search)

While at the Gaylord Convention Center you can search, by using the app on any mobile device, the following:

*   General Sessions, i.e. Dan Heath Session @ NAISAC11
*   Featured Workshops, i.e., Emily Pilloton Workshop @ NAISAC11
*   Workshop Rooms, i.e., National Harbor 12 @ NAISAC11
*   Vendor Booths, i.e., #301 finalsite @ NAISAC11

And, if you see something missing, add it as a venue and check-in.

Why Foursquare? When using a mobile device to check-in to various parts of the conference you can also tweet that info to Twitter. And if you use the #naisac11 hashtag you’ll let folks at the conference know where you are and what you are doing – a great way to get caught up with old colleagues you may not know are in attendance.

Check it out, check-in, and see you in D.C.!

Jason Ramsden, CTO @ Ravenscroft School

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