The Daily Find: February 22, 2011- One Day to Launch!


One day and counting to the start of the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference.
If the Twitter feed represents a sample of individuals heading to D.C. for the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference, there are many wrapping up events from today and headed to the airport. Many in our community are preparing their presentations and I imagine most of us are wondering what we will experience this year. Who will be the speakers that touch at the heart of what we do as educators? What new knowledge and experiences will I bring home? Who will I meet and how will my professional network grow and change over the next several days?

As the conference kicks off, we hope you will find this online community a central exchange site where you post your reflections, engage in the exchange of ideas and share with the greater community your personal “take-aways” from sessions and interactions. This is very easy to do and there are many different ways you can interact in this community. For those just joining us, here are several links that will help you get started in this community. For those not able to attend, we invite you to join us as well. As conference attendees post their reflections within the fabric of this online community, we invite you to comment and post your reflections as well. This greater conversation serves to help us work through our Public Purpose as an independent school community.

Three places to start

Pre-Conference Video Challenge
It is not too late to add your video to the pre-conference video challenge. This is not a competition but a challenge to each member of the community to try something new. Shortly, you will hear from several speakers including Anya Kamenetz and Salman Khan both of whom are involved in different projects that get at the heart of new educational models- a DIY model to education. An important part of that model is the creation of short videos that get at the heart of understanding a portion of a topic. This challenge is an opportunity for you to act on their messages and create a small ARTIFACT OF UNDERSTANDING that will teach the greater community something you know. As the conference kicks off, this might be a great place for ideas for your video. Don’t worry about the need for special technical knowledge or software as there are many online video packages that are free and very easy to use. Please follow the link to more information about this challenge. It is my hope that many of you will take this opportunity to step outside your comfort zones and explore the power of creating small ARTIFACTS OF UNDERSTANDING.


Jason Ramsden
Attending NAIS AC at National Harbor? Check In…Join the Fun
If you are headed to Washington, D.C. for NAIS’ Annual Conference this week and are on Foursquare (or have yet to make the foray into it and want to check out how it works in a conference setting) the entire conference has been added to the system as noted here…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
Pre-conference Thoughts
My hopes, as I prepare to leave my school for three days next week, are…[MORE]


Lorri Carrol
What can you do with 5 minutes?
In response to the unprecedented number of snow days this year, instead of amending our school vacations or adding days to the end of the year, our Administration made the decision to add 5 minutes to each class period. The five minutes per period amounts to approximately 6.5 days of school. When I first heard of the plan, I thought…[MORE]

Peter Gow
A school is…(Verse 14: The Finale)
A school must always be a set of undiscovered possibilities in the realm of the human spirit and a community devoted to their exploration and realization. We’ve come to the end of the exercise here, perhaps fittingly as I watch the Rhode Island shoreline rush by en route to the National Association of Independent School Annual Conference…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Hopes and Plans for the NAIS Annual Conference 2011
NAIS is a three days away, and the anticipation is building.   Jason Ramsden wrote last week a nice post about his enthusiasm for the conference, and I value his recognition of NAIS’s journey in the past few years toward a fuller embrace of 21st century learning and the initiatives the association is taking to facilitate its member schools in becoming Schools of the Future…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
7 Steps for Leading in 21st c. Learning
Soon I will be presenting, along with two Head of School colleagues and Ken Kay, founder and longtime President of the Partnership for 21st century skills and now of EdLeader21, on the topic of  21st Century Learning at NAIS Schools: Leading and Networking for Progress. As part of this session…[MORE]

Karl Schaefer
What is your sentence Voice Thread project- Please Add Yours
I have been working on my NCAIS Master Teacher Academy project with my group of 5th grade students. I wrote about Daniel Pink’s Two Question video earlier. In my last post on Learning to Teach how to Learn is Hard, I wrote how I was having to help my students take time to go deeper with this project. After 3 days of work in our Digital Learning Class, they have added sentences for each of…[MORE]

Susan Carter Morgan
Being Creative
The word creativity has always made me squirm. That’s because I don’t think I am creative. Not in the sense of being an artist, which is how I had always defined the word. I can’t draw. Or paint. But last summer, I realized I had limited myself by my own definition so I set out to try to become more creative. I read “Thinkering,” by Michael Michalko, started following…[MORE]

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