The Daily Find: February 23, 2011 (Morning Ed.)


Multiple Daily Postings of The Daily find
The Daily Find will be produced more frequently over the next 3 days as the volume of information should greatly increase. This should also help those who are trying to follow from a distance to keep up with the conversation and join when they can.

Greetings and #naisac11 Online Community Welcome Message
In case you missed the tweet last night or are not on Twitter, here is a short message from the architect of this year’s online community and another way to extend the conversation: This is just one example of how you can extend your voice beyond 140 characters and reach the broader community- those attending this year’s conference and those who are watching from a distance.

Pre-conference Video Challenge– Second Offering by David Carrington
We now have our second video lesson posted on the door of the world for all to see and learn. Will you be next? Three videos are now in the pre-conference collection. We are looking for yours…

Recording of Snow Day Flip- Online Interactive Session
For those who were not able to attend the online session and would like to hear the material and do a virtual walk through the session, the RECORDING of the second offering of the online workshop is now posted along with appropriate links and resources needed to experience the flip on your own time.

Marty Jones
Gaylord Hospitality
Approaching a convention center/resort can leave a pit in any experienced traveler’s stomach. One imagines all of the bad things that go with conference travel nightmares. But all of that anxiety went out the door the moment I was met by Saib the well healed doorman here at…[MORE]

For those new to the concept of Live blogging, these are blogs that are streaming out to the web at the moment they are being written. There is not audio or video but you get a stream of text from the individual who is doing the blogging. The format allows you to view the session through the lens of another individual. Usually, these are set up with the ability to participate on the side through a text chat tool. At this time, I am aware of two individuals who will be offering Live Blogs for the sessions they plan on attending at the NAIS Conference. If you are at the conference and would like to do this for session you attend, let know and your LIVE BLOG will be listed here in future issues of The Daily Find.

Jason Ramsden
Jason is one of the conference bloggers and additionally, will be Live Blogging the sessions he attends. You can see his schedule and join his live blogs at:

Sarah Hanawald
Sara will be Live Blogging the sessions she attends during the NAIS Annual Conference. You can see her schedule and join her Live Blog sessions at:


Jonathan Martin
Reverse Instruction: 21 slides, 5 minutes
This is a five minute presentation I am making today as part of an NAIS 3 hour workshop, Becoming A School of the Future: The conversation continues.  The slides themselves are almost entirely image driven; my talking points for each slide are below. Notes on slides: Slide 2. What does reverse instruction reverse?  It reverses what…[MORE]

Teresa DeFlitch
Ahead of the NAIS Conference: The “strategic” in the “pursuit of public purpose”
I just read the article “Partnership Now: A Paradigm Shift in Education,” in the most recent issue of Independent School. The article explores the growing role of public/private school partnerships in education. As Director of a partnership-based program, I’m excited to see all of this attention paid to the power of collaboration…[MORE]

Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS Bound
This year, I am making my first trip to the National Association of Independent School Annual conference. While I have attended many other large conferences, such as ISTE/NECC, I am both nervous and excited. I am nervous because I do not have a complete sense of…[MORE]

Vinnie Vrotny
Breaking the Mold
After a really late arrival, I got up to have a pre-workshop run through with our team of presenters for “Creating Connected Teachers”. When my…[MORE]

Sarah Thomas
Conference Choices
This Friday I will be attending the NAIS annual conference in National Harbor, MD. I am very excited about this conference as there are more sessions that interest me than I could possibly attend in one day. (Friday is the special “teacher day” where teachers are allowed to attend for a reduced rate. This is such a blessing as…[MORE]


The NAISAC11 Daily

The NAISAC11 Community Daily

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