NAIS and iTunes U- Demetri Orlando

This morning, I attended the iTunes U session presented by Demetri Orland of Buckingham Browne % Nichols. This is a new resource provided by NAIS which launched only a couple of weeks ago. The session provided plenty of background about the space and how Independent schools can participate in this new space. While not as robust as the Khan Academy, there is a great collection of videos produced by Independent Schools from around the country. Below, you will find several points that resonated with me as well as resources for to help you get content placed in the NAIS iTunes U.

  • NAIS has built the infrastructure for iTunes and recently met the initial thresholds to go live.
  • [Audience Question]Who is the gate keeper?- Paul Miller from NAIS leads the project with help from Demetri Orlando. Currently, NAIS vets all videos. As the volume of content grows, how videos are organized and vetted will need additional exploration
  • To use this resource, you must have iTunes installed on computer.
  • There are both pros and cons to the iTunes approach. Some schools don’t think iTunes should be on school owned computers. Others block this type of traffic across their campus (for various reasons ranging from content, to bandwidth to philosophical)
  • Difficulties with iTunes
    • Not as easy to use as other Apple products
    • Only syncs with apple players (no droids etc.)
    • Hard to search and navigate.
    • iTunes maintains a collection of meta data including number of times viewed, rating systems etc.
    • Currently there are four main categories in the NAIS iTunes U. These include the 2020 program, How we teach and learn, What we teach and learn and Teachers of the future.
    • Videos included in these categories range from simple how to videos to programmatic presentations. They also range from highly produced to simple webcam videos.
    • You can download the videos to the local computer or sync with iPhone/iPad/iPod. Videos can’t be downloaded to other handheld devices.
    • You can post several different types of files in iTunes U. These include video, audio podcasts and documents
    • iTunes format restrictions for video and audio. Files must be in one of the following formats: Mp3, QT (mov), mp4, m4v, m4a, PDF, ePUB

In order to get content posted in the NAIS iTunes U, simply follow the process outlined below:

  1. You need content. Get the content first.
  2. The Files must reside on a web server hosted by the school. NAIS is not hosting the content but providing the framework which brings the content into iTunes U.
  3. Complete the form on the NAIS website to sign-up. Through this form, you will provide appropriate releases as well as a link to the current location of your content. This content will be reviewed by NAIS for inclusion into iTune U.
  4. If accepted by NAIS,
    1. Convert file to correct file format (get your tech department to help you with this)
    2. Create xml file tags (get your tech department to help you with this)
    3. Go Live


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