Opening General Session- Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar
The Art of Choosing
This morning we were all treated to a wonderful presentation by Sheena Lyengar looking at the Art of Choosing. There were many wonderful moments. Below you will see several artifacts left behind because Sheena took the time to share with us and that her words interacted with the social matrix of that one space and time that was the Opening Session of the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference. [MORE ON SHEENA]

VIDEO of Graphic Report from Morning Session

mtredenick Effective leaders aim to give you the kind of choices that will inspire u. Match u to choices that will help u move to same goal #naisac11 -9:47 AM Feb 24th, 2011

aspeyer RT @Deacs84: Fabulous opening speaker. Sheena S. Iyengar. Why we must improve our choice making to be effective leaders. #naisac11 -9:47 AM Feb 24th, 2011

missalyssa74 RT @lcarroll94: Must move from silos of separation to communities of collaboration. #naisac11 #isedchat -9:43 AM Feb 24th, 2011

jonmergy Iyengar showing choice really relative to the person affected by cultural background #naisac11 -9:40 AM Feb 24th, 2011

MichaelEbeling Sheena Iyengar: “effective leaders distribute and sometimes relinquish control.” #naisac11 -9:52 AM Feb 24th, 2011

MrsC_teach Chessmasters eliminate irrelevant choices quickly so they are not distracted by too many options -Iyengar #naisac11 -9:58 AM Feb 24th, 2011

jasoncummings1 #NAISAC11 group and systematize choices in order to make your galaxy of choices more easily digestible -9:58 AM Feb 24th, 2011

jsvoorhees No choice or too many choices – workers felt leaders were either dictators or incompetent Sheena Iygenar #naisac11 -9:56 AM Feb 24th, 2011

MrsC_teach Informed intuition grows from hours upon hours of practice and feedback, practice and feedback. -Iyengar #naisac11 -10:00 AM Feb 24th, 2011

sarahhanawald Sarah Hanawald A leader is someone who can live with nothing and yet have everything. A leader is a dreamer with a plan. #naisac11

MrsC_teach Mrs. C A love of money can foster greed and a love of choice can foster feelings of powerlessness -Iyengar #naisac11

dwillard dwillard Lynegar: harness power of choice: control, culture, choice overlaid, informed intiuition. Seems a science, but an art to do well #naisac11

MrsC_teach Mrs. C A good leader understands the value of relinquishing choice so you grow to appreciate it more -Iyengar #naisac11

sarahhanawald Sarah Hanawald Sheena Iygenar says: Groups outperform individuals in problem solving every time. ME>> We ignore this at our peril. #naisac11

dwillard dwillard #naisac11 speaker saying cognitive ability test & job tryout most effective way to ID new hires, interview (gut) most used

MrsC_teach Mrs. C Informed intuition is having Spock and Kirk on the same team. -Iyengar #naisac11

MrsC_teach Mrs. C Chessmasters eliminate irrelevant choices quickly so they are not distracted by too many options -Iyengar #naisac11

jsvoorhees jsvoorhees Be choosy about the choices you make and be choosy about how you delegate to others. Sheena Iygenar #naisac11

raventech Jason Ramsden After listening to Sheena Iyengar this morning I’m changing my philosophy – moving from change management to choice management #naisac11

jsvoorhees jsvoorhees  An effective leader finds way to give people control, even small choices that help them feel more control Sheena Iygenar #naisac11

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