The Daily Find: February 23, 2011

The First day is a wrap. Here are some of the conversations formed from today’s offerings. You will find more at the twitter search using #naisac11 as your hashtag. This link will take you to a search on this tag. Read for more information from today.


 Jason Ramsden
NAIS 2011: Reflections of Day One
23 FEB 11 @ 8:30 p.m.  – Wow! It’s been quite a busy first day here at NAIS’ Annual Conference. The day started bright and earlier with coffee in the beautiful atrium here at the Gaylord National Convention Center and a chance meeting with Demetri Orlando (@demetri); with whom I’d be presenting with later in the day, and Jamie Field Baker (@jamiereverb)  – an impromptu conversation over lattes about how our schools will need to make ourselves more relevant in…[MORE]

Thursday February 24, 2011

Jason Ramsden

  • Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing 9:30am EST
  • Dan Heath: Switch at 3:00pm EST


 Pat Bassett
Demonstrations of Learning for 21st Century Schools
As a third-grader, my grandson Carter had strong reading and computational skills, unending curiosity, and, like most boys, the inability to sit still at his desk for hours at a time. When his teacher saw him fidget, she’d give him an assignment that would get him out of his chair, at least for a while. That ended the day she sent him in the hallway to tutor his friend in a new math skill, and the teacher in the next room brought them back shortly thereafter because Carter was teaching his friend how to breakdance rather than how to factor…[MORE]

 Jonathan Martin
Reflections on Day 1 and the Schools of the Future Workshop
Day 1 is now at its end; it was a good day, with highlights including a strong 3 hour workshop this afternoon and a lovely evening spent with St. Gregory alumni at a charming pub in Dupont Circle. All aspects of check-in were smooth; I thought it was terrific they had rooms for everyone, even before noon, checking in for tonight.  Very welcoming.  NAIS registration was easy and…[MORE]

Josie Holford
Monumental Opportunities
So here I am at the NAIS annual conference – where it is sunny and balmy- ready to engage in the monumental opportunities of listening to and talking to strangers. They won’t all be strangers though and it will undoubtedly be amazing that…[MORE]

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
Liebert Cassidy Whitmore’s Update from NAIS Annual Conference 2011
It is beautiful here at the NAIS annual conference just outside of Washington D.C.  The conference is off to a great start.  The excitement on the shuttle to the Gaylord Convention Center was enticing.  The networking has started – in the brief time we have been here…[MORE]

Gridlock: What it takes to break through and design your future
This post was written in collaboration with guest blogger Kathleen Bressler, Algebra teacher and advisor at The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Welcome, Kathleen! Hi, all! The focus of this three-hour workshop was to…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS- Connections
A funny thing happened when I was at the bar…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS Workshop- Creating Connected Teachers
I have recently completed my presentation, Creating Connected Teachers, along with Peter Gow, Jason Ramsden, Demetri Orlando, Sarah Hanawald, and Derrick Willard at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference. All and all, I am pleased about the way that the presentation…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS- Low-Tech
We utilized a low tech method of capturing where participants comfort with collaborative tools. A great conversation starter to connect individuals. One goal achieved for our workshop, connecting folks…[MORE]

 Bill Ivey
Incumbent Upon Us
In an earlier blog entry, I mentioned my fifth grade reading and writing teacher, Miss Dmytryk (de-MEH-trick), as one of the most significant teachers in my life. She supported and nurtured my creativity, reading and commenting on week after week of stories that used all 25 words on my spelling list in context. And yes, she helped teach me patience. Most all of us can name at least one Miss Dmytryk, one of those special teachers who…[MORE]

Jason Kern
The joy of connections
Here is our latest video production project thanks to the power of the network. After you watch the video, read the process of how it came about and why I love having Dean Shareski in my network….[MORE]

 Troy Roddy
Simple and effective: My grocery shopping story and leading schools
The story you are about to read is true.  I know it is true because, well frankly, it is about me.  It takes place in the grocery store about 7-8 years ago, BC (Before Children).  My wife and I were doing our weekly shopping.  As we walked through the produce…[MORE]

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