The Daily Find: February 24, 2011


Opening General Session- Sheena Iyengar
This morning we were all treated to a wonderful presentation by Sheena Lyengar looking at the Art of Choosing. There were many wonderful moments. Below you will see several…[MORE]

NAIS and iTunes U- Demetri Orlando
This morning, I attended the iTunes U session presented by Demetri Orland of Buckingham Browne % Nichols. This is a new resource provided by NAIS which launched only a couple of weeks ago. The session provided plenty of…[MORE]

Jill Brown
Tattoos, smoking and beer
Ok, Now let me explain…[MORE]

Jill Brown
What teachers can learn from research about managers
NAIS made an inspired choice when they selected Sheena Iyengar to speak this morning! Some of her points, about leaders, that resonate with me can be applied to teachers leading learners. Sheena’s research suggests…[MORE]

Marty Jones
Jump Start
I’m glad I did the afternoon session on creating Resilient Schools with Vanessa Wassenar and Mike Connor. Their advance distribution…[MORE]


Jim Heynderickx
Tech Departments: sliding sideways, fading away
We’ve all heard of things going pear-shaped.  I’m more interested in when things go sideways, or maybe fade away. Traditionally, a tech department has kept its domain limited to specific types of technology—desktops, laptops, servers, tablets…[MORE]


Visualization of Tweets from today’s sessions

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