The Daily Find: February 25, 2011


Martha Haakmak
Hooray for Pat Bassett
There is something about the way Pat Bassett, head of NAIS, captures the moment and sets the tone for…[MORE]

Martha Haakmak
Make it or Break it Discipline
It felt good in this workshop to hear about what we already do well with discipline in my middle school. The speakers talked about the three areas of the brain which work together to allow for effective…[MORE]



Jonathan Martin
21st century learning at NAIS schools: Leading and networking for progress
Thank you, all who attended our session today, and welcome all to a quick recap of our session.  The session was very well attended, and we had some terrific questions from the audience. Some links and resources from the session…[MORE]

 Mark Crotty
Mr. Zuckerberg, here’s what you get for that $100 Million
As many here at the NAIS conference have commented, we find it ironic that we are ensconced in the Gaylord National Conference Center when the theme is “Advancing the Public Purpose.” It’s a sterile, artificial environment fairly removed from D.C. itself, which tempts us from across the harbor. I draw some hope, however, from the fact that less than a decade ago this land was a wasteland surround by urban decay…[MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Change, Risk and the Opportunity to Fail
It is interesting that there appeared to be a tremor in the Twittersphere yesterday as talk of Change seemed to be missing mention of the need to allow for failure. Or at least, that is what the Tweets were saying. I have a different take as elements of failure were…[MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Hotels, Convention centers and the Prohibitive Costs of Internet with a DASH of Conference Challenge
In reading over many of the blog posts and tweets during the first day of the conference, I can’t help but notice the number of individuals who have found it difficult to work the “back channel”. The lack of open wireless on the conference side has been noticed by some and completely unnoticed by others. By this I am referring to attendees who are connected electronically and those who have yet to make this transition. This has led me to this reflection and…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
Speed Innovation- Gas
My name is Vinnie, I am 49, I love baseball and long walks on the beach. One of the reasons I am attending NAIS for the first time this year was I was invited to participate in an experimental session type, Speed Innovation. During this session, attendees where able to…[MORE]

Brett Jacobsen
NAIS Day 1: Advancing our public purpose
Workshop:  Gridlock:  What It Takes to Break Through and Design Your Future (see wiki)…[MORE]

Reaching across the divide
This session’s name was an apt description.  The Dallas Independent School District and a handful of prominent independent schools in the affluent “North Dallas” area have forged a partnership that seems to be having a profound impact on the students, teachers, and institutions involved.  It’s called “The Bickel & Brewer Future Leaders Program.”…[MORE]

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