Post Conference Challenge

So….Here is another challenge. During my last visit to Washington D.C., I took the family through the Holocaust Museum. At the end of what I can only describe as a sobering emotional experience, participants are asked to make a commitment to one thing they will do to reduce the amount of hate in the world. The part that caught my attention is that there was an ACTION associated with this commitment. Now it may not seem like much but it involved simply writing your commitment on a card and dropping it into a box. The catch was, they wanted you to write the idea with a LiveScribe Pen. For the uninitiated, this records your commitment digitally. I notices that most walked past this challenge. I was on my way out when I stopped in my tracks and thought- How can I simply walk past personal action moment after I just experienced the most tragic human story I know? I turned around and made my commitment and the simple act of recording that commitment has made me bolder in standing up in the face of hate. So here is YOUR CHALLENGE. After this incredible experience…

What have been your big takeaways this year? How will you change your practice or implement change in your school? What ideas and approaches to teaching and learning will really make a difference for you? What steps will you take to increase your public purpose in this national debate? What are the things that you do which will really make a difference? What is the one Big Idea you want to leave for the community that you think will be transformative for your practice and community? Follow This Link to leave your response on this public document. Let’s see how many ideas we can share then commit to explore.


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