The Daily Find: February 27, 2011

The speakers are finished, the workshops are done. Now is the time to reflect on the past three days. What were the Big Ideas that will move your school forward? The following is a Challenge to the Online Community. The challenge is to have as many individuals post a reflection to a single space that records a summary of their experience with a commitment to action. If you have your own blog, we still ask that you post a reflection on this common document as a collection of collective reflections. Here is a little background and THE CHALLENGE.

The following is an article written by this year’s Conference Reporters. Other articles will be featured as they are posted. This first article looks at the ideas shared by Sheena Iyengar in this year’s opening keynote address.

Sheena Iyengar: Leading By Choice
“Your leadership today is critical because you’re the ones who are making the leaders of tomorrow.” This is how Sheena Iyengar, the inaugural S.T. Lee Professor of Business at Columbia Business School, greeted the crowd of more than 4,000 independent school leaders gathered at the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD. She spent the next hour illuminating the audience about the relationship between leadership and choice because as…[MORE]

Live Blogs- Jason Ramsden


Marty Jones
The School Without Walls- aka Reggio Emilia on Crack
Between Pat Bassett challenging us to ‘Reinvent Schools,’ and Sheena Iyengar’s amazing talk on ‘The Art of Choosing,’ – I was transported back in time – to 1971. 99% of my K-12 education was in really good public schools. The other 1% I’ve joked about for years – my year of private school. All my friends and family love hear my ‘School Without Walls’ stories…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
What Am I Doing to Serve a Public Purpose?
This workshop, led by independent school leaders, focused on responding with a public purpose beyond financial aid. I sat and listened to the four speakers outline the…[MORE]

Jill Brown
Prove it to me!
This was a great question, related to integrating technology, that came up in our workshop and I was so thrilled with Curt Lieneck’s answer I asked him to email it to me. The attendee was asking, how do you respond when a faculty member says, “Prove it to me”…[MORE]

Jill Brown
Khan- Wow! Wow! Wow!
Ok, so now I have been inspired, along with many, who listened to Salman Kahn this morning! I hope there is a YouTube or TED video of him explaining exactly what he did this morning! The resources…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
Can we talk about the whiteness and maleness of the AC?
Oh no. I told myself I would keep these feelings to myself and only share them with the independent school educators who have become part of my extended family through NAIS connections. Anyone who knows me though, understands that I cannot hold back when there is something I feel is important to say out loud…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
This general session was jam-packed with inspirational speakers who each directly spoke to the conference theme of advancing our public purpose. Liz Coleman nearly laid me flat with her comments because they were so incredibly smart and forward-reaching…[MORE]

Jill Brown
Never Overlook the Personal
A world of information is now available at your finger tips, however the content is only part of the picture. The richest experiences I had at the conference weren’t necessarily the speakers and sessions, although everything I participated in was very high quality. I have made notes in my program on particular speakers and…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
Women in Leadership
Although the presenters’ focus was on sharing advice as experienced school heads, some of the questions from the women in the audience helped to outline the larger issues of the under-representation of women in the NAIS heads’ circle. We skirted the discussion of the double standard and…[MORE]

Marty Jones
Oscar Predictions
The Academy Awards will be televised this Sunday, but the real Oscars should have been given out today right here at NAIS. Here’s how the awards should be distributed…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
Lessons on Leadership
So I figured that Pat Bassett’s workshop on “Leading from the Middle,” would be a sure hit, and I was right…[MORE]

Jill Brown
Defining the Dilemma
Another model, complimentary to Speed Innovating, is one that we used in our workshop on Wednesday. While in groups one person speaks about a key dilemma they are facing for 2 minutes, the listeners clarify their dilemma with questions for 2 minutes, listeners then…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
Sheena Iyengar
Okay. I have spent the whole day in various conversations about Ms. Iyengar’s remarks in the the first general session trying to figure out how what she spoke about tied into the theme of advancing our public purpose. While I personally liked what…[MORE]

Jill Brown
Share Your Bright Spots. How do you Support your Faculty?
Dan Heath is a very polished presenter. Any afternoon keynote that keeps the attention of tired attendees is fabulous. After listening to his analogy of…[MORE]


Cynthia Weldon and Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
From NBOA to NAIS Conference- LCW’s Update from the East Coast
Thank you to the organizers and attendees of the annual NBOA Symposium which ended Wednesday, February 23, in Washington D.C.  It was gratifying to see so many schools represented from across the country come…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Blogging Heads: The NAIS Session Live Blog Transcript
Yesterday I was very fortunate to be joined by two terrific fellow school-leaders, Josie Holford and Michael Ebeling, to discuss blogging as Heads at the NAIS Annual Conference; our session was excellently moderated by Sarah Hanawald, Dean of Academics at Cannon School (NC). Jason Ramsden was kind enough to live-blog the panel, which I provide below…[MORE]

Lorri Carroll
Top Ten Tweets from #NAISAC11
These are my top 10 take aways from the NAIS Annual Conference. In the spirit of David Letterman: (insert drum roll here…[MORE]

Lorri Carroll
My Tweets from NAIS Annual Conference 2011
Note: This is my twitter feed (edited a bit) with some additional links and resources. Just registered at #naisac11 Let the fun begin!!…[MORE]

Sarah Thomas
NAIS reflections, short version
I can’t possibly calm my mind enough yet to truly process the last 36ish hours. Six meetings, three workshops, and one keynote later…so much to think about from this years NAIS/LINK conference…[MORE]

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