The Daily Find: March 3, 2011


Disrupting the Discourse- Online Follow-up Session 2 Tonight
Join us tonight for part two of Disrupt the Discourse. This started in D.C. with a one hour workshop and continues online tonight for part 2 of 3 with an interactive session using Twitter to help grow your personal learning network. Listen to the podcast of the face to face workshop and learn more about the two interactive online sessions…[MORE]

The following links will take you to stories about each speaker and reflects the experiences and what each shared with us last week at the NAIS 2011 Annual Conference.

 Sheena Iyengar
The Art of Choosing

Dan Heath
Switch: How to Change things when Change is Hard

Elizabeth Coleman, Salman Khan, Anya Kamenetz
Independent Matters

Sugata Mitra
The Hole in the Wall Experiment

Wendy Mogel
The Blessing of a B Minus

Emily Pilloton
Design, Build, Transform

Seth Goldman
Leadership with a Difference


Mark Crotty
2011 NAIS Takeaways
From Wednesday-Friday, February 23-25, I attended the National Association of Independent School Annual Conference in National Harbor, Maryland (just outside D.C.) I’m a bit behind the curve here, as I know that many attendees already have shared their takeaways.  So for some of you this may be old news. Sorry. But I never really know what those true takeaways will be until I reflect on an experience and see what still resonates a few days later. I also want to share this with any readers who may not have read anyone else’s thoughts on the conference. Plus it’s nice for people at St. John’s to know why the Head of School vanished for three days…[MORE]

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