The Daily Find: March 6, 2011


Disrupting the Old Discourse Continues…
The first formal blended session in an NAIS Annual Conference continues online- Disrupting the Discourse. The first interactive online session was held last Thursday where Larry Kahn, Susan Davis and Chris Bigenho looked at different aspects of using Twitter as part of your personal learning network. If you missed the face to face session at the conference or the first online session, you can experience a podcast of the face-to-face session and view a recording of the online session through the NAISAC11 online community. The final installment for this blended session will occur this Thursday at 8pm EST and will look at the power of blogs, blogging and RSS as part of your personal learning network. For the podcasts, session recordings, slides and schedule…[MORE]


Graphic Recordings
This year, NAIS brought in a new way of recording the moment that was created during the general sessions and featured speaker sessions—Graphic Recordings. These drawings captured the major elements of each presentations as well as the flow of thought throughout the presentation. You can view the graphic recording of these speakers by following the links below.

General Session Speakers

Featured Workshop Speakers

Workshop Resources
You can start to find resources for workshops and presentations from this year’s Annual Conference. These will continue to be updated as new resources are submitted by the presenters. You can find these resources posted along with their listing on the following pages of the NAIS Website

3 Hour Workshops

NAIS Conference Reporters
The following links will take you to stories about each speaker and reflects the experiences and what each shared with us last week at the NAIS 2011 Annual Conference.

Albert Adams:
2011 NAIS Diversity Leadership Award Honoree

James K. Scott:
2011 NAIS Diversity Leadership Award Honoree- Acceptance Speech


Mark Crotty
Robot Love
Imagine that you could have a life partner who completely understands you. Not only understands you, but knows exactly how to respond to whatever you’re feeling, thinking, needing. At the same time, this partner needs little in return, perhaps just some…[MORE]

Richard Kassissieh
I am sitting in Toby Beck’s NCCE session about MathCasting. He has students create screencasts in which they explain solutions to math problems. Teachers also create …[MORE]

Curt Lieneck
My Own “Horizon Report”: The New Normal in Education Technology
It was my pleasure last week to co-present a three-hour workshop entitled “Rethinking Technology Leadership” with my good friends Denise Musselwhite (Trinity Prep, FL), Jill Brown (Albuquerque Academy, NM), and Howard Levin (Urban School, CA). We’ve presented together three different times now. Not only are they extraordinarily astute practitioners, but the joy they share in…[MORE]

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