The Daily Find: March 9, 2011


Disrupting the Old Discourse- Final Installment
The first formal blended session at the NAIS Annual Conference will present the final segment of their program Thursday March 10th starting at 8pm EST. This interactive online session will be facilitated by Larry Kahn, Susan Davis and Chris Bigenho and will focus on the use of Blogs and Blogging as a fundamental aspect of your Personal Learning Network. They will also briefly explore the use of RSS to manage the volume of information you might follow as part of your PLN. You can learn more about this session as well as listen to podcasts and screen recordings from prior sessions at the link below. So join us for this final session. You can get your access information and more at…[MORE] or follow the link below at 8pm EST.

Session Location:


Jonathan Martin
Salman Khan, Transformer
Ten days ago I had the extraordinary good fortune to see and hear Salman Khan speak to an audience of 3000; I will say it was genuinely a “heartthrob” moments in the field of education, as if seeing the Beatles at the Ed Sullivan show…[MORE]

Troy Roddy
Thoughts about knowing how to teach
There are good teachers who distinguish themselves by their methods of teaching.  I have also met a number of good teachers who stand out due to their level of content knowledge.  But, the truly outstanding teachers are those who typically have…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Race to Nowhere: A Response
Thursday evening, our school hosted a screening of the documentary film Race to Nowhere and a panel discussion afterwards.  Here I am offering my own first reactions to the film; in subsequent posts I intend to share some of our panelists’ responses and…[MORE]

Steve Taffee
Should schools require teachers to have web sites?
A debate is occurring in some schools concerning whether or not all faculty should be required to have a web site. In a few years, this question will seem as vacuous as whether or not faculty should have a syllabus…[MORE]


Don’t forget about the Daily Twitter Papers that come out of this community

Salman Khan’s #NAISAC11 “Ted-talk” (a near-exact duplicate) now available: #isedchat. You really want to see this.

Graphic by @mattscully for blogging heads session, #naisac11: Thx @jonathanemartin for sharing. @lorriej, check it out!

Spoke at #naisac11 & at #briteconf recently. Speaking at #taom today. I’m learning a lot from giving these talks and meeting attendees.

@sheena_iyengar your talk at #naisac11 was excellent. I’ve been talking about it often since, and picked up your Kindle book. Thanks, much!

Cellphones in schools are the new cigarettes, social taboo. Crowd outside door to use ’em – @jamiebritto at #NAISAC11 #tedxnyed

Excellent read fm Jones@ Holton-Arms- tech integration, Blended Learning & #NAISAC11

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