The Daily Find: March 21, 2011

Back from spring break and catching up on blogs and events from the community. The Daily Find is a feature of the NAIS Annual Conference Online Community which serves to support conversations related to the purpose of independent schools and focuses on events and topics surrounding messages and topics raised in the 2011 conference. At this time, The Daily Find will be shifting to a Weekly Find as conversations continue to broaden beyond the scope of the conference and migrate back to communities from which this community was formed. Remember that all of the online activity related to this year’s annual conference is archived in the community site located here at: You can also continue to follow this powerful list of independent school bloggers by exploring the extensive blogroll at:

 NAISAC11 Looking for Feedback
NAISAC11 would like your feedback on this year’s Daily Find and invites general comments about this year’s NAISAC11 online community. If you participated via twitter, blog posts, and comments or followed from a distance through The Daily Find, please take a moment to let us know your thoughts. You can answer this short 4 question survey at:


Brett Jacobsen
Recently, I attended the National Association of Independent Schools annual conference in Washington, DC.  It was confirmation to me that the discussions taking place at Mount Vernon reflected every general session and workshop I attended.  Whether it was leading through change, global education, 21st century skills, reverse instruction, CWRA, service programs, or skills over content, MVPS is right on target as we proceed through our next strategic planning process…[MORE]

Curt Lieneck
The New Normal Part Two: School Culture
Last time, we covered two ideas about what the “new normal” looks like in school technology: the first, that IT has become a strategic asset that pervades all areas of school life, and, second, the emergence of the IT leader as an education leader properly positioned to function as a strategic partner in school decision-making. Today we move on to two additional evolutions in school culture that I see as  part of the “new normal…[MORE]

Lorri Carroll
Another NYC Adventure…TEDxNYed
[Comment: This post by Lorri reflects topics from the TEDxNYed event that echoes many themes also heard at NAISAC11.] Last Saturday, Sarah Ludwig (@sarah_ludwig) and I went on another professional development adventure to NYC– TEDxNYed. We got off the subway and made our way to 7 World Trade, all the while talking about what we were doing and where we were on…[MORE]

Mark Crotty
Mixed Media, Mixed Messages
At first I was disoriented, and I couldn’t make any sense of the two media streams. I had taken my daughter for a haircut, and a television was playing in the waiting area. Only after several seconds did I realize that the sound was off and I was actually hearing…[MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Touched by the Earthquake in Japan 2011
Again, I have been touched by world events that have occurred far from my home in Texas. Having lived through two of our largest earthquakes in Los Angeles and being an EMT and ham radio operator, I again feel helpless in regards to…[MORE]

Poughkeepsie Day School
On Tuesday the day broke with bright sunshine. The grass was rimed with sparkling frost and the air was sharp and fresh. It was a perfect morning in early spring. And the contrast was stark with the devastation and horror that was unfolding across the world in Japan. While we as adults attempt to make sense and cope with the scenes presented so dramatically and graphically our minds also turn to our children. As we cope with our shock and disbelief, we also…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Let’s use video to reinvent education: Salman Khan’s NAIS talk (now on TED)
In recent months I have written almost half a dozen posts about Khan Academy and how it can and will influence changes in the way teaching and learning happens in our school. In my NAIS recap last week, I wrote about the excitement created by Salman Khan’s TED-style talk, which was clearly for me and many, many others a major highlight of the conference…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Students, Parents, Educators Respond to Race to Nowhere
Last Thursday night we hosted a screening of the new film, Race to Nowhere, and a panel afterwards.  I have already shared my own reactions to the film; here I want to share those of our panelists and from our students…[MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Twitter turns 5 today- A retrospective
5 years ago today…Twitter was born…Consider the following: The very first tweet: “inviting coworkers by Jack Dorsey- 4:02 PM March 21st 2006…2007, Twitter averaged 5000 tweets per day…Today, Twitter averages 140 million tweets per…[MORE]

Mark Crotty
The Curse of Too Much Knowledge—Version 2.0
As educator, institutional leader, and occasional workshop presenter, I try to remain acutely aware of the curse of too much knowledge. That is when you know a topic well enough that you forget your audience may remain below a certain assumed baseline of familiarity and understanding. For example, let’s pretend that I’m giving a lesson on…[MORE]

Colin Fredericks- Hyde Schools
Education with an End in Mind
Begin with the end in mind” is an often-repeated mantra in leadership seminars and courses, but also appears in many other fields. We give it as advice to students in physics and mathematics courses – what should your answer look like? Are you expecting a number, several numbers, or an expression? Authors bring it up when discussing the show Lost and its writers’…[MORE]

Richard Kassissieh
The Greatest Benefit of Online Schooling
Teachers are experimenting with online learning in a way that will lead to improved, blended learning environments in schools. Resulting improvements in on-campus education are likely to outshine the benefits of purely…[MORE]

Steve Taffee
Educational Environments 4: A Review
Roger Yee’s Educational Environments 4 (Amazon citation) is a beautiful coffee-table style book, replete with photographs from leading architectural firms showing their most recent and best work in the K 16 educational marketplace. As someone who is involved with…[MORE]

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