The Daily Find: April 4, 2011


Follow-up links from the 2011 Annual Conference
It is our hope that you will take a moment to explore and reflect on the various artifacts that were created as a result of our time at this year’s Annual Conference. Write a blog post on some of this content, send a tweet tagged #naisac11, start a discussion thread in your community and share the link with this community, post reflections on lists where you participate and engage others in a broader conversation.

Graphic Recordings

Workshop handouts/presentations

Articles about general session and featured workshop speakers



Mark Crotty
Post-race commentary- Take #2
In “Post-Race Commentary—Take #1” I focused on some overall impressions of Race to Nowhere and the subsequent discussion. The piece has a rather typical essay-like framework. For this post, I’m going to take a different approach: bullets, fired almost in scattershot fashion. Each will be some point that struck me as telling or worth some thought, and each…[MORE]

Poughkeepsie Day School
How not to do it
Forget about the five paragraph essay, what about the five word text and the exquisite tweet? Lots of commentary about a recent article with follow-up  here in the NYTimes about the importance of concise writing.  Without a doubt it is an aspiration we need to teach and a skill we need to practice. Charles Dickens was paid by the word but…[MORE]

Troy Roddy
Phases of professional development
The phases and reflections below are solely based on my own journey as a professional educator.  I welcome your feedback and your own perceptions about the different phases and outcomes of professional development…[MORE]

Lorri Carroll
I can’t find Blaise Pascal’s friends…
My FakeWall/ Diigo project was due this past week and, while the website’s instability proved to be a bit of a challenge, I am excited about what the students…[MORE]

Teresa DeFlitch
Open badges and learner memory
Students everywhere are capitalizing on educational opportunities outside of the traditional schooling framework. Twenty-four hour access, virtual worlds, grassroots community centers, peer networks, and a student-centered Edupunk movement (in all its incarnations) have prompted the need for a new kind of accreditation framework that…[MORE]

Gary Stager
Teachers: watch this and try not to cry- Then do something
60 Minutes just aired a two-part story that stands in their grand tradition of breathtaking journalism. The report tells the story of Gospel for Teens, a non-profit arts organization created in Harlem, NYC by the radio broadcaster, publisher and theatre producer, Vy Higginsen. Her original goals were modest; teach kids to sing gospel music so that this important…[MORE]

Launching TLC
There have been some exciting developments in my world lately. The entire K-12 faculty has started a collective professional development focus on learning and the brain; our summer program, SOS, will be piloting the ipad 2; and we have officially launched our TLC program…[MORE]

Tom Vander Ark
10 dimensions of school-as-a-service
Software is moving to the cloud and so is school.  Cloud-based computing makes applications available anywhere, anytime, across multiple devices.  Software-as-a-service allows us to tailor what we use and how much we buy—take your pick of five versions of Turbo Tax depending on your needs; build your own playlist of music; build your own virtual desktop with your favorite…[MORE]

Mathew Needleman
Mythbusters: Education edition
Here are two must-see items for teachers before going in to your next staff meeting. The first is an article from researcher, Will Thalheimer, that suggests that the pyramid that claims we remember 90% of what we teach others and only 10% of what we read is fabricated. ..[MORE]

Austin Kleon
How to steal like an artist (and 9 other things nobody told me)
It’s one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past. This list is me talking to a previous version of myself. Your mileage may vary…[MORE

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