The Daily Find: February 25, 2011


Martha Haakmak
Hooray for Pat Bassett
There is something about the way Pat Bassett, head of NAIS, captures the moment and sets the tone for…[MORE]

Martha Haakmak
Make it or Break it Discipline
It felt good in this workshop to hear about what we already do well with discipline in my middle school. The speakers talked about the three areas of the brain which work together to allow for effective…[MORE]



Jonathan Martin
21st century learning at NAIS schools: Leading and networking for progress
Thank you, all who attended our session today, and welcome all to a quick recap of our session.  The session was very well attended, and we had some terrific questions from the audience. Some links and resources from the session…[MORE]

 Mark Crotty
Mr. Zuckerberg, here’s what you get for that $100 Million
As many here at the NAIS conference have commented, we find it ironic that we are ensconced in the Gaylord National Conference Center when the theme is “Advancing the Public Purpose.” It’s a sterile, artificial environment fairly removed from D.C. itself, which tempts us from across the harbor. I draw some hope, however, from the fact that less than a decade ago this land was a wasteland surround by urban decay…[MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Change, Risk and the Opportunity to Fail
It is interesting that there appeared to be a tremor in the Twittersphere yesterday as talk of Change seemed to be missing mention of the need to allow for failure. Or at least, that is what the Tweets were saying. I have a different take as elements of failure were…[MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Hotels, Convention centers and the Prohibitive Costs of Internet with a DASH of Conference Challenge
In reading over many of the blog posts and tweets during the first day of the conference, I can’t help but notice the number of individuals who have found it difficult to work the “back channel”. The lack of open wireless on the conference side has been noticed by some and completely unnoticed by others. By this I am referring to attendees who are connected electronically and those who have yet to make this transition. This has led me to this reflection and…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
Speed Innovation- Gas
My name is Vinnie, I am 49, I love baseball and long walks on the beach. One of the reasons I am attending NAIS for the first time this year was I was invited to participate in an experimental session type, Speed Innovation. During this session, attendees where able to…[MORE]

Brett Jacobsen
NAIS Day 1: Advancing our public purpose
Workshop:  Gridlock:  What It Takes to Break Through and Design Your Future (see wiki)…[MORE]

Reaching across the divide
This session’s name was an apt description.  The Dallas Independent School District and a handful of prominent independent schools in the affluent “North Dallas” area have forged a partnership that seems to be having a profound impact on the students, teachers, and institutions involved.  It’s called “The Bickel & Brewer Future Leaders Program.”…[MORE]

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The Daily Find: February 24, 2011


Opening General Session- Sheena Iyengar
This morning we were all treated to a wonderful presentation by Sheena Lyengar looking at the Art of Choosing. There were many wonderful moments. Below you will see several…[MORE]

NAIS and iTunes U- Demetri Orlando
This morning, I attended the iTunes U session presented by Demetri Orland of Buckingham Browne % Nichols. This is a new resource provided by NAIS which launched only a couple of weeks ago. The session provided plenty of…[MORE]

Jill Brown
Tattoos, smoking and beer
Ok, Now let me explain…[MORE]

Jill Brown
What teachers can learn from research about managers
NAIS made an inspired choice when they selected Sheena Iyengar to speak this morning! Some of her points, about leaders, that resonate with me can be applied to teachers leading learners. Sheena’s research suggests…[MORE]

Marty Jones
Jump Start
I’m glad I did the afternoon session on creating Resilient Schools with Vanessa Wassenar and Mike Connor. Their advance distribution…[MORE]


Jim Heynderickx
Tech Departments: sliding sideways, fading away
We’ve all heard of things going pear-shaped.  I’m more interested in when things go sideways, or maybe fade away. Traditionally, a tech department has kept its domain limited to specific types of technology—desktops, laptops, servers, tablets…[MORE]


Visualization of Tweets from today’s sessions

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Opening General Session- Sheena Iyengar

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Sheena Iyengar The Art of Choosing This morning we were all treated to a wonderful presentation by Sheena Lyengar looking at the Art of Choosing. There were many wonderful moments. Below you will see several artifacts left behind because Sheena … Continue reading

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NAIS and iTunes U- Demetri Orlando

This morning, I attended the iTunes U session presented by Demetri Orland of Buckingham Browne % Nichols. This is a new resource provided by NAIS which launched only a couple of weeks ago. The session provided plenty of background about the space and how Independent schools can participate in this new space. While not as robust as the Khan Academy, there is a great collection of videos produced by Independent Schools from around the country. Below, you will find several points that resonated with me as well as resources for to help you get content placed in the NAIS iTunes U.

  • NAIS has built the infrastructure for iTunes and recently met the initial thresholds to go live.
  • [Audience Question]Who is the gate keeper?- Paul Miller from NAIS leads the project with help from Demetri Orlando. Currently, NAIS vets all videos. As the volume of content grows, how videos are organized and vetted will need additional exploration
  • To use this resource, you must have iTunes installed on computer.
  • There are both pros and cons to the iTunes approach. Some schools don’t think iTunes should be on school owned computers. Others block this type of traffic across their campus (for various reasons ranging from content, to bandwidth to philosophical)
  • Difficulties with iTunes
    • Not as easy to use as other Apple products
    • Only syncs with apple players (no droids etc.)
    • Hard to search and navigate.
    • iTunes maintains a collection of meta data including number of times viewed, rating systems etc.
    • Currently there are four main categories in the NAIS iTunes U. These include the 2020 program, How we teach and learn, What we teach and learn and Teachers of the future.
    • Videos included in these categories range from simple how to videos to programmatic presentations. They also range from highly produced to simple webcam videos.
    • You can download the videos to the local computer or sync with iPhone/iPad/iPod. Videos can’t be downloaded to other handheld devices.
    • You can post several different types of files in iTunes U. These include video, audio podcasts and documents
    • iTunes format restrictions for video and audio. Files must be in one of the following formats: Mp3, QT (mov), mp4, m4v, m4a, PDF, ePUB

In order to get content posted in the NAIS iTunes U, simply follow the process outlined below:

  1. You need content. Get the content first.
  2. The Files must reside on a web server hosted by the school. NAIS is not hosting the content but providing the framework which brings the content into iTunes U.
  3. Complete the form on the NAIS website to sign-up. Through this form, you will provide appropriate releases as well as a link to the current location of your content. This content will be reviewed by NAIS for inclusion into iTune U.
  4. If accepted by NAIS,
    1. Convert file to correct file format (get your tech department to help you with this)
    2. Create xml file tags (get your tech department to help you with this)
    3. Go Live


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The Daily Find: February 23, 2011

The First day is a wrap. Here are some of the conversations formed from today’s offerings. You will find more at the twitter search using #naisac11 as your hashtag. This link will take you to a search on this tag. Read for more information from today.


 Jason Ramsden
NAIS 2011: Reflections of Day One
23 FEB 11 @ 8:30 p.m.  – Wow! It’s been quite a busy first day here at NAIS’ Annual Conference. The day started bright and earlier with coffee in the beautiful atrium here at the Gaylord National Convention Center and a chance meeting with Demetri Orlando (@demetri); with whom I’d be presenting with later in the day, and Jamie Field Baker (@jamiereverb)  – an impromptu conversation over lattes about how our schools will need to make ourselves more relevant in…[MORE]

Thursday February 24, 2011

Jason Ramsden

  • Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing 9:30am EST
  • Dan Heath: Switch at 3:00pm EST


 Pat Bassett
Demonstrations of Learning for 21st Century Schools
As a third-grader, my grandson Carter had strong reading and computational skills, unending curiosity, and, like most boys, the inability to sit still at his desk for hours at a time. When his teacher saw him fidget, she’d give him an assignment that would get him out of his chair, at least for a while. That ended the day she sent him in the hallway to tutor his friend in a new math skill, and the teacher in the next room brought them back shortly thereafter because Carter was teaching his friend how to breakdance rather than how to factor…[MORE]

 Jonathan Martin
Reflections on Day 1 and the Schools of the Future Workshop
Day 1 is now at its end; it was a good day, with highlights including a strong 3 hour workshop this afternoon and a lovely evening spent with St. Gregory alumni at a charming pub in Dupont Circle. All aspects of check-in were smooth; I thought it was terrific they had rooms for everyone, even before noon, checking in for tonight.  Very welcoming.  NAIS registration was easy and…[MORE]

Josie Holford
Monumental Opportunities
So here I am at the NAIS annual conference – where it is sunny and balmy- ready to engage in the monumental opportunities of listening to and talking to strangers. They won’t all be strangers though and it will undoubtedly be amazing that…[MORE]

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
Liebert Cassidy Whitmore’s Update from NAIS Annual Conference 2011
It is beautiful here at the NAIS annual conference just outside of Washington D.C.  The conference is off to a great start.  The excitement on the shuttle to the Gaylord Convention Center was enticing.  The networking has started – in the brief time we have been here…[MORE]

Gridlock: What it takes to break through and design your future
This post was written in collaboration with guest blogger Kathleen Bressler, Algebra teacher and advisor at The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Welcome, Kathleen! Hi, all! The focus of this three-hour workshop was to…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS- Connections
A funny thing happened when I was at the bar…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS Workshop- Creating Connected Teachers
I have recently completed my presentation, Creating Connected Teachers, along with Peter Gow, Jason Ramsden, Demetri Orlando, Sarah Hanawald, and Derrick Willard at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference. All and all, I am pleased about the way that the presentation…[MORE]

 Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS- Low-Tech
We utilized a low tech method of capturing where participants comfort with collaborative tools. A great conversation starter to connect individuals. One goal achieved for our workshop, connecting folks…[MORE]

 Bill Ivey
Incumbent Upon Us
In an earlier blog entry, I mentioned my fifth grade reading and writing teacher, Miss Dmytryk (de-MEH-trick), as one of the most significant teachers in my life. She supported and nurtured my creativity, reading and commenting on week after week of stories that used all 25 words on my spelling list in context. And yes, she helped teach me patience. Most all of us can name at least one Miss Dmytryk, one of those special teachers who…[MORE]

Jason Kern
The joy of connections
Here is our latest video production project thanks to the power of the network. After you watch the video, read the process of how it came about and why I love having Dean Shareski in my network….[MORE]

 Troy Roddy
Simple and effective: My grocery shopping story and leading schools
The story you are about to read is true.  I know it is true because, well frankly, it is about me.  It takes place in the grocery store about 7-8 years ago, BC (Before Children).  My wife and I were doing our weekly shopping.  As we walked through the produce…[MORE]

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The Daily Find: February 23, 2011 (Morning Ed.)


Multiple Daily Postings of The Daily find
The Daily Find will be produced more frequently over the next 3 days as the volume of information should greatly increase. This should also help those who are trying to follow from a distance to keep up with the conversation and join when they can.

Greetings and #naisac11 Online Community Welcome Message
In case you missed the tweet last night or are not on Twitter, here is a short message from the architect of this year’s online community and another way to extend the conversation: This is just one example of how you can extend your voice beyond 140 characters and reach the broader community- those attending this year’s conference and those who are watching from a distance.

Pre-conference Video Challenge– Second Offering by David Carrington
We now have our second video lesson posted on the door of the world for all to see and learn. Will you be next? Three videos are now in the pre-conference collection. We are looking for yours…

Recording of Snow Day Flip- Online Interactive Session
For those who were not able to attend the online session and would like to hear the material and do a virtual walk through the session, the RECORDING of the second offering of the online workshop is now posted along with appropriate links and resources needed to experience the flip on your own time.

Marty Jones
Gaylord Hospitality
Approaching a convention center/resort can leave a pit in any experienced traveler’s stomach. One imagines all of the bad things that go with conference travel nightmares. But all of that anxiety went out the door the moment I was met by Saib the well healed doorman here at…[MORE]

For those new to the concept of Live blogging, these are blogs that are streaming out to the web at the moment they are being written. There is not audio or video but you get a stream of text from the individual who is doing the blogging. The format allows you to view the session through the lens of another individual. Usually, these are set up with the ability to participate on the side through a text chat tool. At this time, I am aware of two individuals who will be offering Live Blogs for the sessions they plan on attending at the NAIS Conference. If you are at the conference and would like to do this for session you attend, let know and your LIVE BLOG will be listed here in future issues of The Daily Find.

Jason Ramsden
Jason is one of the conference bloggers and additionally, will be Live Blogging the sessions he attends. You can see his schedule and join his live blogs at:

Sarah Hanawald
Sara will be Live Blogging the sessions she attends during the NAIS Annual Conference. You can see her schedule and join her Live Blog sessions at:


Jonathan Martin
Reverse Instruction: 21 slides, 5 minutes
This is a five minute presentation I am making today as part of an NAIS 3 hour workshop, Becoming A School of the Future: The conversation continues.  The slides themselves are almost entirely image driven; my talking points for each slide are below. Notes on slides: Slide 2. What does reverse instruction reverse?  It reverses what…[MORE]

Teresa DeFlitch
Ahead of the NAIS Conference: The “strategic” in the “pursuit of public purpose”
I just read the article “Partnership Now: A Paradigm Shift in Education,” in the most recent issue of Independent School. The article explores the growing role of public/private school partnerships in education. As Director of a partnership-based program, I’m excited to see all of this attention paid to the power of collaboration…[MORE]

Vinnie Vrotny
NAIS Bound
This year, I am making my first trip to the National Association of Independent School Annual conference. While I have attended many other large conferences, such as ISTE/NECC, I am both nervous and excited. I am nervous because I do not have a complete sense of…[MORE]

Vinnie Vrotny
Breaking the Mold
After a really late arrival, I got up to have a pre-workshop run through with our team of presenters for “Creating Connected Teachers”. When my…[MORE]

Sarah Thomas
Conference Choices
This Friday I will be attending the NAIS annual conference in National Harbor, MD. I am very excited about this conference as there are more sessions that interest me than I could possibly attend in one day. (Friday is the special “teacher day” where teachers are allowed to attend for a reduced rate. This is such a blessing as…[MORE]


The NAISAC11 Daily

The NAISAC11 Community Daily

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Pre-conference Video Challenge- Second Offereing by David Carrington

With so few responses to Mr. Bigenho’s gauntlet, I thought I’d make this last minute contribution regarding the fundamental attribution error and some of its pedagogical/social applications. I put this – my first video – together by myself so it’s a bit rough around the edges, but the content got there in the end. I hope it sparks some conversation, and I look forward to chatting with other educators about these ideas and more in DC…

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The Daily Find: February 22, 2011- One Day to Launch!


One day and counting to the start of the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference.
If the Twitter feed represents a sample of individuals heading to D.C. for the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference, there are many wrapping up events from today and headed to the airport. Many in our community are preparing their presentations and I imagine most of us are wondering what we will experience this year. Who will be the speakers that touch at the heart of what we do as educators? What new knowledge and experiences will I bring home? Who will I meet and how will my professional network grow and change over the next several days?

As the conference kicks off, we hope you will find this online community a central exchange site where you post your reflections, engage in the exchange of ideas and share with the greater community your personal “take-aways” from sessions and interactions. This is very easy to do and there are many different ways you can interact in this community. For those just joining us, here are several links that will help you get started in this community. For those not able to attend, we invite you to join us as well. As conference attendees post their reflections within the fabric of this online community, we invite you to comment and post your reflections as well. This greater conversation serves to help us work through our Public Purpose as an independent school community.

Three places to start

Pre-Conference Video Challenge
It is not too late to add your video to the pre-conference video challenge. This is not a competition but a challenge to each member of the community to try something new. Shortly, you will hear from several speakers including Anya Kamenetz and Salman Khan both of whom are involved in different projects that get at the heart of new educational models- a DIY model to education. An important part of that model is the creation of short videos that get at the heart of understanding a portion of a topic. This challenge is an opportunity for you to act on their messages and create a small ARTIFACT OF UNDERSTANDING that will teach the greater community something you know. As the conference kicks off, this might be a great place for ideas for your video. Don’t worry about the need for special technical knowledge or software as there are many online video packages that are free and very easy to use. Please follow the link to more information about this challenge. It is my hope that many of you will take this opportunity to step outside your comfort zones and explore the power of creating small ARTIFACTS OF UNDERSTANDING.


Jason Ramsden
Attending NAIS AC at National Harbor? Check In…Join the Fun
If you are headed to Washington, D.C. for NAIS’ Annual Conference this week and are on Foursquare (or have yet to make the foray into it and want to check out how it works in a conference setting) the entire conference has been added to the system as noted here…[MORE]

Martha Haakmat
Pre-conference Thoughts
My hopes, as I prepare to leave my school for three days next week, are…[MORE]


Lorri Carrol
What can you do with 5 minutes?
In response to the unprecedented number of snow days this year, instead of amending our school vacations or adding days to the end of the year, our Administration made the decision to add 5 minutes to each class period. The five minutes per period amounts to approximately 6.5 days of school. When I first heard of the plan, I thought…[MORE]

Peter Gow
A school is…(Verse 14: The Finale)
A school must always be a set of undiscovered possibilities in the realm of the human spirit and a community devoted to their exploration and realization. We’ve come to the end of the exercise here, perhaps fittingly as I watch the Rhode Island shoreline rush by en route to the National Association of Independent School Annual Conference…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
Hopes and Plans for the NAIS Annual Conference 2011
NAIS is a three days away, and the anticipation is building.   Jason Ramsden wrote last week a nice post about his enthusiasm for the conference, and I value his recognition of NAIS’s journey in the past few years toward a fuller embrace of 21st century learning and the initiatives the association is taking to facilitate its member schools in becoming Schools of the Future…[MORE]

Jonathan Martin
7 Steps for Leading in 21st c. Learning
Soon I will be presenting, along with two Head of School colleagues and Ken Kay, founder and longtime President of the Partnership for 21st century skills and now of EdLeader21, on the topic of  21st Century Learning at NAIS Schools: Leading and Networking for Progress. As part of this session…[MORE]

Karl Schaefer
What is your sentence Voice Thread project- Please Add Yours
I have been working on my NCAIS Master Teacher Academy project with my group of 5th grade students. I wrote about Daniel Pink’s Two Question video earlier. In my last post on Learning to Teach how to Learn is Hard, I wrote how I was having to help my students take time to go deeper with this project. After 3 days of work in our Digital Learning Class, they have added sentences for each of…[MORE]

Susan Carter Morgan
Being Creative
The word creativity has always made me squirm. That’s because I don’t think I am creative. Not in the sense of being an artist, which is how I had always defined the word. I can’t draw. Or paint. But last summer, I realized I had limited myself by my own definition so I set out to try to become more creative. I read “Thinkering,” by Michael Michalko, started following…[MORE]

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Attending NAIS AC at National Harbor? Check In…Join the Fun

[Reposted by permission- Original post by Jason Ramsden]

If you are headed to Washington, D.C. for NAIS’ Annual Conference this week and are on Foursquare (or have yet to make the foray into it and want to check out how it works in a conference setting) the entire conference has been added to the system as noted here: (this will only return a partial search)

While at the Gaylord Convention Center you can search, by using the app on any mobile device, the following:

*   General Sessions, i.e. Dan Heath Session @ NAISAC11
*   Featured Workshops, i.e., Emily Pilloton Workshop @ NAISAC11
*   Workshop Rooms, i.e., National Harbor 12 @ NAISAC11
*   Vendor Booths, i.e., #301 finalsite @ NAISAC11

And, if you see something missing, add it as a venue and check-in.

Why Foursquare? When using a mobile device to check-in to various parts of the conference you can also tweet that info to Twitter. And if you use the #naisac11 hashtag you’ll let folks at the conference know where you are and what you are doing – a great way to get caught up with old colleagues you may not know are in attendance.

Check it out, check-in, and see you in D.C.!

Jason Ramsden, CTO @ Ravenscroft School

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Experience Snow Day Flip- Recording and Resources

The first interactive workshop session was a success and approximately 25 people attended all or some part of each session. The second session was recorded and is provided below. You can listen to the session and follow along with the text chat and some of what was on the screen. The links below can be used in conjunction with the recording to experience The Snow Day flip on your own time.  A list of resources and tips generated from the first offering of this session is also provided.


Collective Notes: Session 2

Key Points and Resources: Session 1

Links from Presentation

Virtual Classroom

Collective Note Page for session

Opening Survey: Where are you from?


Youtube Video
The Shining Recut:


Chatzy- Snow Day Flips:

Community Wishing Wall:


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